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Dunham & Morrow Sea Pro Submersible Magnetic Locator

Product Code: ES2950
Condition: New
Dunham & Morrow Sea Pro Submersible Magnetic Locator ES2950 SEAPRO
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Made in the USAThe Sea Pro Submersible Magnetic Locator is the ideal instrument for locating underwater buried ferrous targets. Designed for both professional and recreational divers, it easily pinpoints ferrous targets. It's multi-position pistol grip makes it a breeze to manipulate underwater. Designed for neutral buoyancy operation, the Sea Pro weighs less than half a pound when submerged. The Sea Pro features automatic sensitivity, so there are no unnecessary adjustments to fumble with. And, this rugged locator can be used in depths of up to a whopping 500 feet!

You won't find a more reliable and user-friendly submersible. Sea Pro features a three-position Hi-OFF-Lo rotary switch. Just rotate the switch to the desired sensitivity position and you're in business. Simple, huh? In the Hi gain setting, the locator has a full scale range of 147 milligauss with a resolution of 0.1 milligauss. In Lo gain, the instrument has a full scale range of 1,470 milligauss and a resolution of 1 milligauss. Like all Dunham & Morrow instruments, there are no concerns about untimely battery failure. The built-in Low Battery indicator starts flashing to warn you when you have only 2-3 hours of normal operation remaining. Sea Pro typically lasts up to 66 hours on two 9-volt Lithium batteries. A power switch safety lock even prevents accidental operation during storage.

  • A multi-position pistol grip
  • Over 60 hours from two 9-volt lithium batteries
  • Operates up to 500' deep
  • Automatic sensitivity selection
  • One year warranty
  • Soft padded carrying case

Never miss a target with both audio and visual indicators! Sea Pro has two outputs, a highly visible backlit, 3-1/2 digit (0 to ± 1999) LCD display and a bone conduction headphone. The audio output tracks the meter output; with no ferrous target nearby, the output idles at 20 hertz and increases in frequency as the you approach a ferrous target. The LCD panel meter gives an exact numeric readout with a separate polarity indicator that can be even more useful to the experienced professional.

Battery replacement is a snap! Unscrew the battery lens housing to replace the old batteries, then clean and lubricate the lens housing before reassembly.

    Sea Pro Submersible Magnetic Locator Specifications
  • Length: 45.5"
  • Electronics housing: 9.5" Sensor Tube: 36"
  • Diameter: Electronics housing: 5" With handle mounted: 9"
  • Weight: 8 lb. In air. < 0.4 lb. submersed
  • Power Control: 3-position rotary switch, Hi-Off–Lo
  • Operating Time: 66 hours
  • Power: 9V Battery
  • Low Battery Indicator: Flashing LED
  • Sensitivity Control: Hi and Lo with automatic gain assist on both settings
  • Visual Output: Meter ± 1999 Full Scale
  • Audio Output: Bone conduction headphone, variable frequency, 0 to 3,500 hertz FS

As with any magnetic locator, the importance of the operator’s magnetic cleanliness cannot be over-emphasized. Some of the more common sources of local magnetic interference are watches, oxygen tanks, knives, flashlights, and battery operated devices.

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