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Schonstedt TraceMaster Pipe & Cable Underground Utility Locator

The TraceMaster II is Schonstedt's most versatile locating tool. It is an ideal choice when:

• There is significant volume of underground locating work to do
• The underground environment is congested with multiple utilities
• Excavation projects are medium to large size
• Terrain and/or soil type are challenging
• Distances are long (over 300 feet)

The Schonstedt TraceMaster consists of two parts: a Transmitter and a Receiver. The TraceMaster is used to locate things underground such as pipes and electrical lines, although the TraceMaster cannot locate plastic pipe. The TraceMaster uses different frequencies to locate different utilities. The passive mode does not use the transmitter. Instead the receiver searches for 50/60 Hz signals such as those from live power lines. In the active modes the transmitter operates at four different frequencies: low (575 Hz), mid-range (8 kHz), high (82 kHz), and very high (455 kHz). The receiver can determine the approximate depth of the target, and has the ability to operate in manual or automatic gain modes.

The different TraceMaster II models options include;

AF- Means “All Frequencies” this model is able to operate on all the frequencies available. The frequencies can be changed from the transmitter or the receiver via a built-in radio link.

SF- Means “Single Frequencies” this model is able to operate on one frequency, which is selected when the item is purchased.

PF- Means “Passive Frequency” this model does not come with a transmitter. And can only be used in the passive mode. The passive mode is used to detect live power lines only.

What Hertz or Frequency do I need?
Passive Frequency - In the passive mode the transmitter shuts down its output and the receiver searches for 50/60 Hz signals, from AC power off live buried cables and pipes.

With four classes of frequencies, the TraceMaster is the most versatile locator on the market. The Active Frequencies Include:

Low Frequency (575 Hz) - This frequency will not jump to adjacent conductors and can only be induced with the conductive clips connected directly to access points on the utility to be traced. The low range frequency is the best choice for tracing over long cable lines.

Mid-range Frequency (8 kHz) - This frequency will not usually jump to adjacent conductors, but may jump across non-conductive joints in a pipe for longer tracing. It can only be induced with the conductive clips connected directly to access points on the utility to be traced, or the optional inductive clamp. Medium range frequencies are generally the most useful range for location.

High Frequency (82 kHz) - This frequency can typically jump to adjacent conductors and can be induced by the conductive clips, the optional inductive clamp, or the built-in inductive antenna. This frequency is best for larger pipes such as water and gas lines. If the signal is weak during the beginning of a trace, you can switch to a higher range frequency.

If you are purchasing the single frequency TraceMaster and need to select just one frequency to detect electrical, water and gas lines it is better to use the high
frequency of 82 kHz.

Very High Frequency (455 kHz) - This frequency can easily jump to adjacent conductors and it is a good frequency to use for total field survey or "quick scan" of a small area. It can be induced by the conductive clips, the optional inductive clamp, or the built-in inductive antenna. Very high range frequencies are good for rapidly sweeping for all utilities in a congested area.

Hopefully this article helps you quickly get an understanding of how the Schonstedt TraceMaster is made, how it works, and how it is sold.


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