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Hanging File Centers

Also called a hanging blueprint rack, this type of file center stores documents in a vertical filing system. Some hanging file centers have casters or rollers, which can come in handy if you need to move a set of documents from one place to another. No matter what type of plan rack you need for your office or workspace, you can find it at Engineering Supply.

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Simple clamping system

Options for portability

Easy storage

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Different size options

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The hanging clamps that come with the mobile file system are fully assembled right out of the box. Just open them up by turning the wing knobs. And once they have been loosened, you can insert up to 100 prints. Simply tighten the clamps onto the documents, and hang them in a clothesline fashion by sliding them into a slot at a downward angle. This plan rack is perfect for organizing and storing large documents in a simple filing system, which you can easily move from one location to another. Feel free to look at what we have in stock, so you can find a blueprint storage rack that will meet your specific needs.


The Safco Mobile Plan Center is a filing system that’s built for portability and easy access. It’s great for storing active files and keeping them accessible while you’re on the move. With a sturdy steel construction, this blueprint storage rack is built to last longer than even your toughest projects. It can hold up to 19 hanging clamps, so you can store and move a large amount of blueprints no matter where you are. Engineering Supply is a proud distributor of Safco, because we believe they have some of the best products on the market. Feel free to browse through our inventory. We’re confident that you can find a solution for your specific needs.

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Getting a plan rack for blueprints and other large documents can be useful for any engineer, architect, or construction professional because it can keep their work organized and accessible. Because there are so many options, you can find a product that will suit your specific needs. Whether you need a plan rack that rests on the floor or one that mounts to the wall, there are options available at Engineering Supply. You should always take the time to think about your storage needs, so you can find the most cost-effective solution. With our solutions for filing large documents, you can boost your workflow and your productivity.


If you need to move a group of large documents from one place to another, you can get a hanging blueprint rack with rollers so you can move it to the desired location. Most of the floor types will allow for this kind of portability, and there are all types of sizes. Here at Engineering Supply, we want to accommodate as many of our customers’ need as we can. That’s why we have a large selection of hanging file centers — from portable units that can be moved to wall-mounted racks that can be kept in a single location. Feel free to browse through our inventory, so you can find the right solution for your specific needs.

Also known as rolling blueprint racks, blueprint stands, or blueprint storage stands, hanging file center can store and organize large documents vertically. Some of them have casters or rollers so you can move them from one place to another, while others are meant to be wall-mounted so they can stay in one place. As you consider your options, you need to take the time to evaluate your needs. And you should be aware of the differences between each type of product. You also have to think about the size of the hanging clamps you plan to use. Their length can’t be adjusted, and they hold a set of documents together like a binder.

The size of your drawings will determine which size you need. While they can come in 18”, 24”, 36”, or 42,” 30” is the most popular option because it offers some extra room on each end while hanging a 24” drawing. It also gives you the ability to hang various drawing sizes on the same clamp, since the set of documents don’t have to fill up or use the entire length. Most hanging clamps are sold in cartons of six. So if you want 12 of them, you’ll have to purchase two cartons. Make sure you double-check the quantity on each carton because while most of them are sold in groups of six, not all of them do.
Be sure to browse through our inventory, so you can find the right type of product for your specific needs.

Hanging Clamps for Blueprint & Large Document Storage

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