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Nedo Surveying

Nedo Surveying has designed and manufactured smart measuring equipment for more than 120 years and is known for offering products of outstanding quality. With manufacturing facilities in Germany and Switzerland, all Nedo products are made to exact specifications and are subject to rigorous quality control. Not only are they dependable and have an attractive design, but they’re also offered at a reasonable price. If you’re ready to purchase a Nedo tripod or any other product offered by this company, be sure to look at what we have at Engineer Suppy.

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The first step in setting up your tripod is to place it on the ground in a horizontal position close to where you need to place it. Extend the center pole to the height you need. Then, lock it in place. Lift up the tripod while it’s still in the horizontal position, turn it vertically, and set down the ground point. You also need to balance it while setting it exactly on your ground point. Extend the legs and set them in the ground. This will ensure a more secure setup. Do one leg at a time by kicking each one into the ground. Make sure the legs are a somewhat loose, so you can easily pivot the tripod for adjustment. Adjust one leg at a time until the bubble is centered. And once it has been properly balanced, you can install the antenna.


Crain is known for its unmatched stability, accuracy, and durability. These qualities are what makes this company stand above everyone else on the market. Their tripods are the only ones that feature certifiable accuracy. They outperform all other tripods in terms of functionality, their usefulness in special application, and in their availability of reliable accessories. With a Crain Tripod, you’ll have the necessary stability to get accurate results right out of the box. Crain manufactures tripods that are certified to meet or exceed ISO certifications and standards, which is proven by the presence of a serial number printed on each product. Be sure to get yours at Engineer Supply today!

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Nedo Surveying has been committed to customer satisfaction since the company was founded over 100 years ago. Not only are their products of the utmost quality, but they’re also known for their dependability on the field. Nedo also caters to their customers’ needs even during the first step in manufacturing. That’s why Engineer Supply is proud to offer the Nedo elevating tripod and a variety of other products from this manufacturer. Feel free to look at what we have in stock, so you can find a product that will meet your specific needs.


Whether it’s the Nedo tripod or some other piece of surveying equipment, all of this company’s products are made according to a very specific set of guidelines and are subject to strict quality control procedures. This is what allows Nedo surveying equipment to be among the best in the market. That’s why Engineer Supply is a factory-authorized dealer of Nedo’s full line of products. If you’re looking for a Nedo elevating tripod or some other product from this great company, be sure to look at what we have in our inventory.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a tripod used for?

A tripod is a three-legged stand that can be used to support a camera or any other instrument for which it has been designed. The device is mounted to the tripod, which makes it more stable by utilizing a fluid head. It also allows the device to be panned left and right, as well as to be tilted up or down.

How much weight can a tripod hold?

This will depend on its “load capacity,” which refers to the maximum amount of weight it can handle before it starts to become unstable. But because there’s no universal standard for this number, a good rule of thumb is to use a tripod with a load capacity that’s at least three times the total weight of the heaviest device with which you’re planning to use it.

When should I not use a tripod?

A tripod can be your best friend while you’re out on the field, because it can keep your devices stable. But it can also be a hindrance. You have to carry it around, and you need to take extra steps to set it up the way you want it. That’s why you need to know when to use a tripod and when you don’t need to. There are many different types of tripods that cater to a variety of needs. So, it all comes down to understanding their pros and cons.

How do I stabilize a tripod?

Here are some tips on how you can make your tripod more stable:
  • Place it on stable ground — Think of the ground as an extension of your tripod. So the less the ground moves, the more stable your tripod will be.
  • Use the right feet — If the ground is unstable, dig into it. And the easiest way to do this is to fit your tripod legs with spikes.
  • Set it up at a lower height — If your tripod is set up at a lower height, it will be better able to dampen vibration. If you’re having a hard time getting the results you need because of external factors (such as wind and moving water), you might want to lower the platform.
  • Extend the thinnest sections last — You should avoid extending the thinnest leg sections until you don’t have a choice. They don’t do as good of a job in dampening vibration, so you should extend the thicker leg sections first.
  • Tighten everything down — Your tripod’s stability can change, depending on how firmly its parts are tightened. While you shouldn’t tighten them to just their minimum amount, you don’t want to tighten it too much because it can damage the tripod over time.
  • Don’t touch the tripod — The last thing you want to do is add more sources of vibration yourself, so you should avoid grabbing the tripod while you’re using the device to which the tripod has been attached.
Proper use of a tripod is mostly about remembering to do certain things, which are all pretty intuitive on their own.

Where can I find a Nedo tripod?

Whether you’re looking for a Nedo elevating tripod or some other product from this company, you can find what you need at Engineer Supply. We have broad selection of Nedo surveying equipment, and we can offer them to you at a reasonable price. Feel free to look at what we have in stock, so you can find a product that’s right for you!

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