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Published testimonials are genuine and are not edited or altered by EngineerSupply. EngineerSupply reserves the right to post or remove any testimonial at its sole discretion. We hope that you can tell that we're very serious about selling and supporting all of the products we represent. When it comes to Engineering Supplies, Surveying Supplies, and Blueprint Storage, we hope that you think of us first!

Some of Our Customer Testimonials...

"I am writing to inform you that we received the new laser level this week and really appreciated the great customer service and very quick shipping provided by your company. Thank you and everyone on your staff for all your help!"
-Jim B.

"I just got my Dahle 507 Trimmer today. I love it! Just wanted to say thank you for the courteous and fast service. I will be sure to recommend your site in the future!"

-Melissa M.

"Shipment received in good order. Thank you. If Froogle had a 'grading system' similar to eBay, I would rate your service A+."

"Received my order via UPS today! Very good service! Package arrived sooner than expected, complete and correct. (along with the best price and lowest shipping on the web...). You exceeded my expectations!"

"I just received the package. I am very satisfied with the experience and will not hesitate to order from you again."

"Just wanted to thank you for all your help. The stylus red ink refills came in and are exactly what we needed. I have saved you in my contacts list for future reference. Thanks again!"
-Jackie P.

"I have received the Sonin Multi-Measure LD Model 10055 yesterday. Thank you very much for the great service of EngineerSupply.com!"

"Thanks for the extra time you put into researching my order. I received my wheels and my portfolio is officially rolling. Have a great day. "

"I assembled the table last evening and could not be happier with it and your service. Thanks again."
-John C.

"I received my order today and I'm very pleased with it. Super fast shipping!"

"Thank you very much, you're quick response and attention to your customers needs have made me a loyal customer...thanks again."

"I appreciate the consideration and I won't forget it the next time I need to order engineering supplies."
-Richard B., PE

"I hope to do more shopping from your company, and will be passing on the word of the friendly and helpful customer service at EngineerSupply, as well as great prices and products."
-Thanks again, Greg H.

"I just received the Seco bi-pods at 4:30 PM PST from UPS. Everything looks great, thanks for all your help and great customer service!"
-Greg H.

"I commend you on your customer service philosophy. Providing outstanding customer service seems to be in short supply lately. In my line of work I both regulate and provide services to business. We receive consumer complaints that probably would have been avoided had the person representing the business expressed concern and did what they could to explain or correct the issue with their customer, like you did. I say all this to once again say thank you."
-Ken C.

"Thank you for your response. Well, after I sent this email to you 2 hours later the UPS man delivered the second package. I am very pleased to have come across your web site. I had been searching for this type of web site for a while. I have you book marked for future orders. Thank you."

"I wish to thank you for your assistance! I can say that your customer service is truly what it means customer service. Again thank you for all your assistance."
-Joe M.

"Got it! Thank you very much. The boxes are just what I needed, and your service is great."

"Thanks so much for all your help. We got the ten drawer cabinet and  he is filling it up fast. Sure do appreciate all the extra time and effort. Great customer service."

"Wow! I can't believe I received my locator so quickly! Thanks a bunch ."

"Everything came in...Thank you again. The equipment looks great and we will be working with the students in the field next week."

"Thank you so much... I appreciate your follow-up. It is a rare thing indeed to actually get good customer service! Thank you again."

"Thanks, Rob. I'll keep you in mind for any future orders we may need. Your customer service is excellent!"

"Thank you for following up with me and showing excellent customer service."

"Thanks for the excellent follow-up. Good customer service."

"Thanks Rob, you guys are the best in the business."

"Thank you for your fast and caring response."

"Thanks for your help, I look forward to doing business in the future. I love your website, it has a lot of good stuff."

"El Fantascico! I am very pleased, and will definitely order from you again. I was literally "blown away" by the personal service! Your reputation from the "testimonials" on your web site really is true! Keep up the good work."

"Thanks for the help and the great customer service. I'll be sure to recommend the company to others."

"The representative (at the Manufacturers Repair Department) told us that you (EngineerSupply) called them to explain our situation. Thank you so much for your help and for going above and beyond the call of duty. We really appreciate it."

"Thanks so much for your help. I will definitely do business with a company that has excellent customer care, as I have now experienced!"

"Thanks for such attentive personal service. It's kind of nice to keep the human element in business and remember that we're people doing business. Thanks for making it personal"

"Sandy, Just received my calculator by UPS. Thanks for all of your help. Hope you have a Great Day!"
-Thanks Andy

"I own a light table purchased from your company many years ago and with which I have been extremely happy. Recently the on/off rocker switches failed and I called to see if they could be replaced. Not only were they available (and at a reasonable price), but they were sent to me in under a week. Enclosed with the switches were wires and wire locks required in the installation as well as a page of instructions outlining the steps involved. Many other companies would have simply sent only the switches and let the buyer deal with procuring the other necessary items. This extra consideration was well appreciated and make the installation relatively painless and efficient. It is indeed a pleasure to deal with an organization that not only sells a fine, long-lasting product, but is willing to stand behind it even so many years after the original purchase. I will continue to use this light table in my work and should I ever
have need of another or be asked to make a recommendation, you can be assured that your company will be first on my list."
-In appreciation, Peter

"I just wanted to let you know that I received my Super Plus Spiroboard today. I wanted to thank you for your assistance. Our professor didn't give us much time to get this product, but thanks to your company I'm all set."
-Sincerely, Michelle

"Thank you. The Dahle 440 trimmer arrived on time and performs better than expected. Clean, and accurate cuts - even the smallest sliver. Well made and worth the investment."

"Thank you so much for your hard work. It shipped and is scheduled for delivery this afternoon. I appreciate your taking the time to follow-up with me. Many times, that just doesn't happen anymore in today's busy world. I will send you another email when I have it in hand. Thanks again!"

"Thanks for your great service and response."

"You guys are very efficient. I appreciate that, thank you."

"Hi Sandy, I GOT IT! Wow It's absolutely beautiful! There wasn't a single Styrofoam out of place. The packaging was perfect. Not a single dent on the box. I'm so happy. Thank you so much for all your help. I truly appreciate it. Have a fantastic weekend!"

"You guys have great customer service...thanks for everything, I look forward to getting that equipment so that we may organize better. Thanks again."

"Thanks again for the email and your assistance. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!"

"Thanks for all your help in buying this tripod, I am looking forward to receiving it. I will definitely consider Engineer Supply for any future needs. Thanks Again"

"Received the Diazo bulb yesterday - thanks. Installed it this morning - works great! Just like a new machine. Thanks for the careful packaging & getting it here so quickly. It is appreciated."
-Grant, CADD Manager

"That's awesome! Thank you so much for your fast response. The shop foremen really appreciate it. Have a great day."

"Thanks....my order just arrived. And thanks again for all your help. If you have a customer satisfaction form I would be happy to feel it out to your benefit."

"Thank you for your help and most importantly - your great service so far."

"I would like to send a note about the amazing customer service you have provided me. I have never encountered customer service like this before. Through your efforts, you have found yourselves a customer for life."
-Kind regards, Brock

"Items received today at noon...on schedule. Thanks for the good work and great service!"

"Thank you so much for your help. The box came today Monday, the total station basic starter kit. This makes two purchases from engineersupply.com, the other was a locator in September. And these two purchases have come through just great from engineersupply.com. I will be looking for my third purchase from you fairly soon too. Again, you people have done a great job getting the item to this buyer. You people are a class act."

"Rob, Thank you so much for your attentiveness to my order. I really appreciate companies that pay this kind of attention to their customers."

"Your customer service & my shopping experience from EngineerSupply thus far, all positive & worth noting. I had a really bad experience last month with an online contractor store trying to get a tripod. They never let me know that the item was backordered until after I emailed them 3 times & nearly a month later - I lately cancelled the order & ordered from another company. Strangely, they made no attempt to save the sale or to accommodate my problem, no concern at all...they've lost me as a future customer, regardless of price. EngineerSupply's emails, phone call & what I consider exceptional customer service so early on within the transaction is greatly appreciated. If I need future equip or supplies, I'll be checking you guys out first & passing along your email address to some contractor friends. Thanks again."

"My order arrived on Thursday and is perfect! Thank you for your help. I am amazed at how quickly it arrived considering the Christmas mail this time of year. Thank you."

"Mary, Thanks for your incredibly swift service. I never expected to receive my order on Thursday after only placing it on Tuesday morning. Good job to all, and thanks again."

"I am very, very impressed with your service. I especially appreciated the call to get an alternate mailing address when I provided you with a PO Box that you could not mail to. That kind of follow up, and courtesy will keep me coming back to your company in the future. Great job! Keep up the good work, and thank you, from a very satisfied customer."

"I greatly appreciate your customer service, I don't know of any other companies that would have gone to the effort you did to help their customers save money. I will continue to be a loyal customer because of your efforts. Thank you very much!"


Manufacturer and Supplier Testimonials

"As a manufacturer we feel fortunate to have a supplier like EngineerSupply. They are professionals that are dedicated to their customers satisfaction. They make an effort to understand the products that they sell so the customer receives the right product for the right application."
Ulrich Planfiling Corp

"As a supplier for EngineerSupply, I have to say the customer service team surpasses any that I have encountered in the past. They are more willing to help their customers and make sure their customers are satisfied to the fullest extent. You can tell from the moment you first talk with them that their focus is customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is something that is slipping away from businesses. I could not have asked for a better, more professional company to supply products too! Thank you EngineerSupply for the opportunity to supply you with equipment!"
Calculated Industries

"I wanted to thank EngineerSupply.com for being an outstanding distributing partner for our company. You consistently provide prompt and professional service to our end-user customers. We are pleased to send inquiries to your site to make their purchases at reasonable prices, supported by exemplary customer service. We appreciate the great job that you do."

"Our company's mission has always been to offer the most useful products possible to our customers' at the most affordable prices. This means understanding our customers needs and getting them the right product. Partnering with EngineerSupply has proven to be an invaluable component in achieving this goal. EngineerSupply offers excellent customer service as they continue to update product information and get customers the information and products they need in a timely manner. It is a pleasure doing business with such a professional, customer service oriented company. Best Regards."
Scalex Corp

"As the worlds leading supplier of and manufacturer of quality surveying and construction equipment and supplies, we are proud to have a partner as professional as Engineer Supply. Their quality of service to their customers from start to finish is second to none. It is an honor to have a partnership with such an outstanding company."
CST/Berger Corporation

We will post more customer, and manufacturer/supplier testimonials soon!


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