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Safco-Mayline-Planhold Product Model Cross-Reference Chart

This handy reference table will help you convert between Safco, Planhold, and Mayline Product Numbers. These are blueprint storage racks, blueprint stands, hanging clamps, pivot wall racks, data files, blueprint storage cabinets, and steel flat drawing files.
Vertical Files
        Safco   Safco       Original 
Product       Planhold/ Print lock   Standard   Mayline   Planhold
Hanging Clamp 18"     4301-6   5001-6   93316   ICB6-18
Hanging Clamp 24"     4302-6   5002-6   93326   ICB6-24
Hanging Clamp 30"     4303-6   5002-6   93336   ICB6-30
Hanging Clamp 36"     4304-6   5004-6   93346   ICB6-36
Hanging Clamp 42"     4305-6   5005-6   93356   ICB6-42
Mobile Vertical File     5059   5059   9429   43CR
Mobile Stand w/ Brackets   5026   5026   9329/9308   27RS
Mobile Plan Center     5060   5060   -   -
Drop/Lift Wall Rack     5030   5030   9319   21WR
Pivot Wall Rack     5010   5010   9309   16WR
Pivot Wall Rack w/ Pivot Brackets 5016   5016   9309/9308   -
Pivot Brackets (12)     5006-12   5006-12   9308   10BR6
Enclosed Cabinet (sm)   5040   5040   -   -
Enclosed Cabinet (lg)     5041   5041   -   36CM
Data File Extension     5027   5027   9398   -
Data Files (12)     5028   5028   9397   -
Steel Flat Files & Bases
Product    Safco Mayline Original Plan Hold
Description Paper Size File Low base High Base File Low base High Base File Low base High Base
5-Drawer 24x36 4994 4995 4975 7867-C 7867-W 7877 452SC-3605 452BA-36 FFSB-2036
5-Drawer 30x42 4996 4997 4977 7868-C 7868-W 7878 452SC-4205 452BA-42 FFSB-2042
5-Drawer 36x48 4998 4999 4979 7869-C 7867-W 7877 452SC-4805 452BA-48 FFSB-2048
10-Drawer 30x42 4986 4997 4977 7978-C 7869-W 7879 452SC-4210 452BA-42 FFSB-2042

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