Measuring Rod Rulers

Measuring Rod Rulers are very handy tools to have. Some of these rods are Surveying Grade or Level Rods that have a built-in dual-purpose feature which is a Measuring Ruler Scale on the back-side. And some of these are only built as Measuring Rulers with no grade or level rod capability. Uses: Wide Load Truck Haulers that need to pass underneath bridges and overhead utility lines. Surveyors needing to know how high an overhang or bridge is. If you're wanting a Grade Rod or Level Rod, these tools are great to have plus the added feature of a Measuring Ruler on the back. Many times, Surveyors can reduce the need to carry a separate measuring tape if they have one of these Measuring Rulers with them. Not only can they be used in a vertical fashion, but can be used horizontally as well when, for example, measuring the distance from the center of a manhole to back of curb.