Johnson Level Red Industrial Alignment Dot Laser 4-24V DC - 40-6222

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Johnson Level Red Industrial Alignment Dot Laser 110V AC - 40-6222

Johnson Industrial Alignment Lasers utilize Wedge Prism Technology for beam steering. While other suppliers use set screws and adhesives to secure the laser inside the laser module, Johnson’s Wedge Prism Technology assures the end user that the laser beam will never come out of calibration. While set screws and adhesives fail under varying work environments Wedge Prisms allow our Alignment Lasers to endure the hardships of most work environment while achieving an IP Rating of 67 which means they’re virtually water proof. These lasers are truly JOB SITE TOUGH.

Wedge Prisms are transparent glass lenses with one side ground and polished at an angle. When a laser beam passes through a Wedge Prism, the laser beam will be deflected. If the Wedge Prism is rotated, the laser beam will move in a circle. If two are used, the laser beam will be steered anywhere within the circle precisely.

This means:

  1. The laser beam can be calibrated to be concentric to the outside diameter, O.D., of the laser’s case.
  2. The user can use the laser’s case as a mounting reference for the laser’s beam alignment.
  3. The laser beam can be adjusted parallel to the bottom and side of the laser level’s case.
  4. The Wedge Prisms are impervious to shock by dropping, harsh laser tool usage, extreme temperature changes or rough handling for the life of the laser tool.
  5. Outside shocks to the laser tool will not cause the Wedge Prisms to rotate. Only internal rotation of the Wedge Prisms themselves will cause the factory positioned laser beam to move.

The 40-6222 Industrial Alignment Modules is one of the premier laser for drawing dots. In addition to the Wedge Prisms, the lasers are concentric to the outer edge of the solid brass industrial grade housing. The concentricity of the final assembly assures the end user that the laser can be mounted without the need to orient the housing up and down or right to left.


  • Laser beam is aligned to be concentric with the outside diameter of the brass housing. This allows the installer to use the outside of the case for centering and positioning the beam. Projects a vertical and horizontal laser chalk line
  • Solid brass industrial grade housing protects laser diode - won't rust or spark
  • Solid glass optics are designed for harsh work environments
  • Wedge internal prisms steer beam and maintain beam alignment for impact resistance
  • "O"ring seal - water and oil proof to IP67 standards
  • Beam-on indicator verifies unit is working from a distance
  • Accessory parts available include Mounting Bracket (40-6229), Aperture Pack (40-6226) and 70 Degree Fan Angle Line Generator Lens (40-6228)


  • Laser Wavelength: 635nm (Red), 532 nm (Green)
  • Laser Classification: Class IIIa
  • Maximum Power Output: <5mW
  • Optics: Glass Collimating Lens and Wedge Prisms
  • Beam Divergence: Less than .4 mrad
  • Concentric beam alignment to case O.D.: +1/8"/100'
  • IP Protection Class: IP67 (1m for 10 seconds)
  • Dimensions: 3.25"L x.75" dia.
  • Operating Temperature Range Red: -10°C to +50°C


  • Red industrial alignment dot laser with 4-24V DC adapter
  • Instruction manual with warranty card
Condition: New
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