LaserLine UB-1 Universal Detector Bracket

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Finally, a new laser detector bracket that will work with virtually any laser detector/receiver from any manufacturer!

The UB-1 detector bracket will ONLY work with LaserLine Mfg GR1000 or 1450 Series Rods.

This detector bracket will work with the following laser detectors:

AGL MR-220
AGL L550
AMA D6, D7
Agatec MR80S
Agatec MR220
Agatec RCR500
Agatec SR200
Apache 34, 44 Lightening Series
Apache 54, 56 Thunder Series
Apache Hawkeye
Apache Cyclone
CST Berger LD100, 120, 200, 400
David White LD18
Futtura CR1-E, CR1-I
Futtura CR5
Laser Alignment 4
Laser Alignment 5, 6, 7, 8
Leica LPD 15, 30
Leica/Laser Alignment Rod Eye Pro
Mikrofyn HS-10, HS-14
Nikon 3, DS-30, LS-6
Pro Shot (Laser Reference) R-4, R-5, R-7, R-8
Pro Shot (Laser Reference) R-6
Quadriga LY10
Quante Mini
Rod Eye Basic
Rod Eye Mini
Sokkia LR100
Spectra Precision 1077
Spectra Precision 1274, 1275
Spectra Precision 1175, 1177, 3075
Stabila 230900
Topcon LS30, LS50, LS70 Series(A/B/C)
Trimble HR200, HR250, HR300, HR320, HR350, HR400, HR500, CR600, HR550
Zircon Laservision Auto

And most other laser detectors.


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