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3 Reasons Why Whiteboards Have Largely Replaced Chalkboards

Blog chalkboard whiteboards When you think of a classroom, an image of desks and a chalkboard probably comes to mind. A staple in classrooms and offices alike for decades, why have chalkboards now been largely replaced by whiteboards? Here are some reasons you might decide to join the crowd and get a large whiteboard for your workspace.

1. Less Maintenance

blog chalkboard whiteboards As useful as chalkboards can be, no one can argue they don’t involve a fair amount of maintenance. Teachers, students or office assistants have had to deal with the following cleanup issues through the years:
  • Board Cleaning: Erasing the board and wiping it down
  • Eraser Cleaning: Clapping the dust off and rinsing them out
  • Dust Cleaning: Sweeping dust out of the trays and off the floor
Whiteboards, on the other hand, correct all these issues. After erasing the board, there is no need to wipe it off further with water. Whiteboard erasers don’t need to be rinsed out, because the markers used to write on the board don’t create dust. That also means there is no need to sweep up dust off trays, floors, desks and everywhere else chalk dust likes to settle.

2. Lighter

Quality chalkboards tend to be very heavy. This means it can be impractical to transport them from one location to another. A big white board, on the other hand, can be much lighter. They tend to be much more portable, and a whiteboard with stand is a common sight in many boardrooms and offices.

3. Healthier

When a chalkboard is used in a closed space like an office or classroom, the dust from the chalk can impact the air quality in the room. The more frequently the chalkboard is used and erased during a meeting or class, the more saturated with dust the air becomes. In some situations, chalk dust can trigger symptoms of medical conditions such as asthma. Because a large whiteboard doesn't create dust, it doesn't corrupt the air quality of a room.

4. Better Projection Capabilities

blog chalkboard whiteboards When an image is too involved to draw on a board, or when many images need to be prepared ahead of time and shown in rapid succession, many people will use a projector. Images projected onto whiteboards tend to appear more clearly and with greater color contrast than those projected onto a chalkboard. Especially for more detailed images, it can be necessary to project the image onto a white background. Whatever space you need a large whiteboard for, Engineer Supply has one for you. With a vast selection including some with a ghost grid, others with music staff lines, a collaboration station with multiple fold-out boards and even a classroom stand with built-in storage bins, find your perfect whiteboard today.
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