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Hanging Clamps

Hanging Drawing Clamps are the key to hanging file systems and organized Blueprint Storage. Aluminum Document Hanging Clamps securely hold your valuable drawings in place for reference and storage. Please note that hanging clamps do not adjust in length. The length blueprint clamp desired depends on the size drawings that you are wanting to secure or clamp together. Each clamp has a plastic label holder on one end that is used to identify the drawing set quickly and easily. Hanging file centers (also known as "Blueprint Racks" or "Blueprint Stands") that hanging clamps snap into are sold separately. Blueprint Stands generally include "Hangers" but not the clamps. Hanging Clamps are sold by the carton and generally most cartons include six clamps, but not always. Drawing Clamps are sometimes known as "Drawing Sticks", "Drawing Clamps", or "Blueprint Clamps".

Tip: Hanging Drawing Clamps are great for storing sets of blueprints or construction plans or drawings on Hanging File Centers (also known as BluePrint Racks) but they are also great for grabbing a drawing set, rolling the set of drawings around the clamp and heading out into the field. The hanging clamp will hold a set of drawings together as you carry the set of drawing around with you on a construction site. Consider reading our document: Hanging Drawing Clamps Explained
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Blueprint drawing clamps are a required companion for most blueprint stands. Clamps are made of aluminum and are simple to operate. Insert your drawings or maps inside the clamps jaws and tighten both of the two wing knobs to tighten the clamp. Then simply insert your clamp into the blueprint racks hanger. A hanger is what holds each clamp. So, if a stand has 12 hangers, that means it uses 12 clamps. With a wing knob on each end you simply loosen and the clamps jaws open up to release your drawings or maps when you're ready to take the drawings out. Most people lay the drawings while still held in a clamp out on a reference table or desk and work that way as the clamp acts sort of like a binder for a set of blueprints. Keep in mind that each clamp will hold about 100 drawings that are 20 lb paper each. Drawing clamps are very handy to have. When deciding on which size (length) of clamp you want to buy, go with the length that will hold your drawing. If your drawings have 24" on the short side, then buy the 24" clamps. The 30" and 36" clamps are the most popular as they are the most versatile. For example, a 30" clamp will hold a 24" side of a drawing although you'll have more clamp than you need. Hanging clamps are sold 6 clamps per carton. The brand names of Brookside, Premium Brand, Safco, Alvin, and Mayline are all considered the best in blueprint storage.

Hanging Clamps for Blueprint & Large Document Storage

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