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Stand Up Desks

Many people spend eight hours a day sitting behind their desks before driving home to sit on the couch all evening, and that’s before going to bed to lie down for another eight hours. When you put it all together, it all adds up to a sedentary lifestyle (which can lead to health problems). An analysis of 13 different studies about sitting time and activity levels found that people who sit at work for eight hours a day face similar risks to someone who smokes and suffers from obesity. You would need to do 60-75 minutes of moderately intense physical activity to counter this risk.

To offset this extra risk, many companies have started to use standing desks so workers don’t spend their entire work day sitting in an office chair. Not only can they increase the number of calories you burn throughout the day (which can lead to weight reduction and higher energy levels), but they can also improve your mood and even increase your productivity.

A stand-up desk allows you to work comfortably while you’re standing. It can adjust according to your height, and it tries to give you the same kind of ergonomic support that you would have while sitting down. A stand-up computer desk has several health benefits, which can include:
  • You can burn more calories standing than when you’re sitting down, which can reduce your risk for potential weight gain.
  • It can reduce the number of spikes in your blood sugar, which can be helpful after you eat lunch and your body is digesting food.
  • It can reduce your risk for heart disease.
  • It can reduce your risk for chronic back pain.
  • It can reduce fatigue and can even boost your energy levels.
It’s not that a stand-up desk is better for you than sitting. It’s all about posture. So if you’re standing but are hunched over your laptop, a stand-up computer desk won’t do you much good. You want to make sure you’re always moving and keeping good posture. A combination of both sitting and standing throughout the day is ideal.

If you want to find the best stand-up desk for your office or workspace, be sure to look at what we have at Engineer Supply.
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