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Draeger is one of the most recognized brands for respiratory equipment, because they're guaranteed to keep you safe while you’re on the job. If you need to work in areas where hazardous substances are present or where the oxygen levels may change at any time, you need to use Draeger respiratory equipment. Feel free to look at what we have in stock, so you can find a product that’s right for you!

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The cleaning and maintenance procedure for this respirator must be done by trained personnel. Remove the filters before disassembling the mask, but make sure you review the maintenance interval stated in the IFU. Check and clean the exhalation and inhalation valves. If they’re deformed or damaged, they must be replaced. You can clean the mask body and harness with an all-purpose detergent before rinsing it in warm water. Be sure to see the IFU for a recommended detergent. You should always disinfect the mask after every cleaning, which you can do with any disinfectant listed in the IFU. And rinse it thoroughly in running water. Once you finish cleaning the respirator, rest the valve disk into the valve seal and completely assemble the mask. For a quick clean, you can use an alcohol-free respirator wipe. But it does not replace proper cleaning procedures.


Make sure you visually prepare and inspect the mask for damage, deformation, and uncleanliness before donning the mask. Attach the bayonet filters by aligning the indicator mark on the filter and mask. Then, turn the filter in the direction of the arrow. To don the mask, open the straps as far as possible and direct the mask toward your face. Pull the harness over your head until the mask is in position. Then, tighten the lower neck straps. Tighten both temple straps until the mask is snug and secure. You also want to make sure to tighten the strap if necessary. You can perform a positive or negative pressure check to make sure the mask is properly sealed. For a negative pressure check, seal both inhalation filters with your hand and breathe until you feel negative pressure. Hold your breath for a few seconds and make any necessary adjustments. For a positive pressure check, seal the exhalation valve and breathe out. The mask should inflate slightly. Otherwise, it will have to be adjusted.

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Draeger has a reputation for providing quality respiratory equipment for the working professional. If you need to work in an area where the air may not be safe to breathe, Draeger respiratory equipment will be able to keep you safe. That’s why Engineer Supply is proud to carry this brand in our store. Whether you need a Draeger SCBA or some other type of respirator, we have what you need. Feel free to look at what we have in stock, so you can find a product that will meet your specific needs.


If you need to work in a hazardous area, you need to have the right equipment. That’s why Engineer Supply offers Draeger respiratory equipment in our store. Draeger is one of the most recognized brands for these kinds of equipment, because they’re designed to offer superior protection. Whether you need a Draeger SCBA or some other respirator, you can be sure to find it in our store. Feel free to look at what we have in our inventory, so you find a product that’s right for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do before using a respirator?

Before you use a respirator, you should always do the following:
  • Speak to your supervisor if there’s any reason why you can safely wear your respirator (such as a change in medical condition or facial hair that may affect the integrity of the seal).
  • Use the respirator, filter, and cartridges as they have been assigned. They have been chosen because they will protect you from the hazards that may be there while you’re performing the task.
  • Make sure the respirator is clean and in good condition before each use.
You also want to inspect any kind of Draeger respiratory equipment for the following:
  • The condition of the parts for cracks, tears, holes, distortions, or warping.
  • The tightness of the connections.
  • The end-of-service life indicator (if it’s present) or shelf-life dates.
  • The proper functioning of the alarms or any other warning systems (if they’re present).
You should know how to determine if the filters have reached their end-of-service ability, and don’t wear any respirator that you think is defective.

What is the respiratory protection standard?

Millions of workers are required to wear respirators in a variety of workplaces throughout the country, because they can offer protection from areas that have inadequate oxygen levels as well any areas that may have harmful dusts, fogs, smokes, mists, gases, vapors, and sprays. These hazards can cause cancer, impairment of lung function, or even death. Being in compliance with the OSHA Respiratory Standard could prevent hundreds of deaths and thousands of illnesses every single year.

What is Draeger respiratory equipment used for?

Many industrial facilities require their employees to work in hazardous areas where harmful substances are present or where the oxygen level and toxicity of the air can change at any time. These health hazards can cause lung damage or even disease. And in extreme cases, it can even be the cause of someone’s death. In these kinds of areas, using a Draeger SCBA or some other respiratory device will need to be used to keep people safe.

Can respirators be shared?

Having a single respirator that’s exclusively for the use of one employee will not only protect your workforce but will also improve productivity. A lot of work has been done to prevent the spread of contaminants, and this is an easy way to maintain that level of safety. You wouldn’t allow your team to share a tissue. So, why would you let them share a respirator?

What are the two main types of respiratory equipment?

Here are the two main types of respiratory equipment:
  • Powered Air-Purifying Respirators (PAPR’s) — They have a battery-powered blower that pulls air through attached filters, canisters, or cartridges and can protect you from gases, vapors, or particles when they’re properly equipped.
  • Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA’s) — They're used for entering into or escaping from environments that are considered to be immediately Dangerous to Life and Health (IDLH). They have their own breathable air supply and can be either open or closed circuit.
If you’re looking for one of the best places to find Draeger respirators, be sure to browse through the broad selection we have at Engineer Supply.

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