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Pentel Writing and Drawing Aids

Pentel is a top brand of drawing and writing pens, markers and mechanical pencils. The company manufactures high-quality products that can provide a superior writing experience and can enhance the overall look of your next project. Below are some features of Pentel pens and other products that can help you design your best work.

Mechanical Pencils

Pentel offers a variety of mechanical pencils to ensure that you can successfully create your drawings. Pentel pencils are available in lead sizes 0.3 mm, 0.5 mm, 0.7 mm and 0.9 mm. Lead color options include standard graphite gray as well as several colors. Grips on the outside of mechanical pencil barrels allow for a confident and comfortable drawing experience for your hands. Lead refills are available to increase the longevity of your Pentel mechanical pencils and to allow for the exchange of lead colors to suit your project and personal style.


Pentel pens provide artists and writers with an array of options. Pens have either retractable points or capped points. Many styles provide barrel grips to ensure comfort during extended use. Ink types can vary and include gel, ballpoint and rollerball. Each ink type and delivery style provides a different line look and width. Pens come in numerous colors and style tints, such as pastel and metallic. Standard black and blue pens are also available and are popular for both business and casual use.

Markers and Specialty Tools

Colored pencils, pens and markers are some of the specialty art tools offered by Pentel. The company develops art media for drawing on many surfaces, including fabrics, posters, standard paper and more. Pens and markers offer brush tips or felt tips in a range of hues.
Whether you need art media, standard writing implements or specialty pens and pencils, check out Pentel offerings to find the right product for you. Engineer Supply stocks a variety of Pentel products to help you find Pentel pens and tools to fulfill your writing and drawing needs.

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