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Stabila specializes in providing measuring tools to over 80 countries, and it has established itself as a market leader in several areas of measurement technology. It started making folding rulers, tape measures, and spirit levels. But since then, its range of products have expanded to include electronic measuring tools and lasers. If you’re looking for a Stabila level or some other product from this company, be sure to look at what we have at Engineer Supply.

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Set up the laser on a tripod or flat surface. If it’s a manual level, you will have to make sure the bubble vials show level. Turn on the laser level. And if it’s self-leveling, give it a moment to level itself. The unit will emit a laser that shows level on a wall or across an outdoor workspace. Depending on the type of laser level, it can be dot, multiple-line, or rotary (which shows level at 360 degrees horizontally or vertically). You can use a laser detector to intercept the laser if there’s no wall to “catch” it (which is typically needed outdoors). Attach the detector to a measuring rod. Then, move it up and down until you hear beeping (which means that it has found level). Secure the detector to the rod, and make your measurements as necessary.


Set up the laser on a tripod 100 feet from a wall, and rotate the laser with the front pointing to a wall. Turn on the detector and laser level. When the detector gives you a signal indicating level, make a mark on the wall. Rotate the laser level 180 degrees, and make a level mark with the detector again. Measure the difference between the marks. And if it’s within the devices specified accuracy, it’s correct. Rotate the laser 90 degrees, and make another mark using the detector. Measure the difference between this mark and the previous one. If it’s within the device’s specified accuracy, it’s correct. If it’s out of range, it will need to be professionally calibrated.

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If you’re a professional contractor, surveyor, or engineer, Stabila has a tool that can give you what you need. It has been in business since 1889. And since then, it has been able to build a reputation in this sector of the industry. That’s why Engineer Supply is proud to carry Stabila’s products in our store. Whether you’re looking for a Stabila level or any of their other quality measuring tools, be sure to look at what we have in stock. We’re confident you can find a tool that will meet your specific needs.


Stabila is a market leader in many areas of measurement technology. And in spite of the growing amount of mechanization in the process of manufacturing, many of the processes in making a Stabila level set are done by hand because it ensures the highest level of precision. It started out making spirit levels, folding rulers, and tape measures. But it has since added electronic measuring tools and lasers to its product line. Whether you’re looking for a Stabila level or some other tool from this company, be sure to look at what we have at Engineer Supply.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns Stabila?

Stabila was founded by Anton Ullrich in 1889, which came from his idea of joining several sections of a folding rule with a rivet hinge. This idea is what determined the future of the company, which is still owned by the family today. Gustav Ullrich (who is Anton’s nephew) continued to create a company that has exclusively focused on measuring tools, including the Stabila level.

How long does a Stabila level last?

A Stabila level set will keep its accuracy for 10 years. The vials won’t fog, leak, or become inaccurate. If they do, you will get a new level if you can provide a proof of purchase. If you’re looking for any product by Stabila, be sure to look at what we have at Engineer Supply.

How accurate is a Stabila level?

The vial block of a Stabila level set is made of a high-quality, shatterproof acrylic glass that’s easy to read. Its interior walls are precision-ground, while the corrosion-free reference rings are flush with the surface. This allows the vial bubble to move freely, which ensures the maximum amount of precision.

What are Stabila levels made of?

The vials of a Stabila level are made of a block acrylic glass that has been firmly attached to an aluminum frame with an epoxy. And through this process, every level made by Stabila will maintain its accuracy for 10 years.

Where can I find a Stabila level set?

If you’re looking for one of the most comprehensive selections of Stabila products, you can find what you need at Engineer Supply. We have a variety of products from this company. So if you’re ready to purchase a Stabila level or any other measuring tool from this company, be sure to look at what we have in stock.

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