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Why Shop With Us?

No Minimum Order

This means no minimum dollar purchase amount.

Low Shipping Costs and Free Shipping Specials

In many cases, we charge less than actual shipping costs, meaning our warehouses ship your order and we pay the actual freight, but you only pay for shipping that our shopping cart calculates. Many times what you pay is less than actual. We also have some products that run Free Shipping specials.

Quick and Reliable Service

We've been online now since 1999 and have figured out how to get orders shipped quickly and answers to questions turned around in short time.

Factory Authorized Dealer

We are authorized dealers for the brands we sell. We buy directly from the manufacturers, so that you receive only new factory-fresh merchandise, with a full USA warranty. We do not buy 'seconds' or refurbished merchandise.

Safe and Secure with Privacy Protection

We take security seriously and treat your information as it was our own personal information. We use the highest form of encryption and security software available. We never sell, rent, or loan your information at any time.

No Hidden Fees

No hidden handling charges, nothing. You get charged for what your order and receipt has shown.

We're a Specialized Equipment Dealer

We're not only about Blueprint Storage, Drawing Tubes, and Drafting Chairs. We have quite a selection of Specialty Equipment for specialized tasks. Specialized Equipment like Pipe and Cable Locators, Magnetic Locators, Planimeters, Total Stations, Inspection Tools, and more.

We believe in our Employees

We firmly believe our team of employees is the reason for our success and treat them well. All employees are in-house with no outsourcing of customer support personnel, and no part-time help. When you contact us you get a vested and trained full-time team member ready with the desire to help. We all work with and see each other daily within the same building here in Virginia. We work hard and truly care about what we're doing.

Industry Experience

Years of product knowledge with employees that have worked in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction field actually using many of the products we represent, and have been online since 1999. This combined experience puts us in first place when it comes to selecting a supplier.

We are Manufacturer Recommended

We rarely advertise and most of our business comes from word-of-mouth and repeat customers. We are recommended by many of our manufacturers as the place to shop.

Our Store Never Closes

With over 75 brands and 5,000 products our webstore never closes. Shop any time that's convenient to you.

Financially Secure

Our company is financially secure with a perfect credit rating and we've never borrowed money to operate our business. This means a lot in times like these. It means you can be certain we will be around for many years of after-the-sale support.


We take care of our customers and receive positive customer testimonials on a regular basis, and have many repeat customers.

Our History

And last but certainly not least, a cool story about how we got started. Read our story here.

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