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Hole Punchers

If you need to punch holes in paper, we have a variety of paper punches available. Hole punchers come in 1, 2 and 3 hole types that provide neatly cut holes for inserting into binders for organization purposes. Single hole punch, double hole punchers and triple hole punchers all work about the same way and some are adjustable where you can adjust and set the distance between the holes. This works great when you're needing a distance that's not standard. Most hole punchers will punch holes in paper, card stock, and most thin type media.Single hole punches are almost always used to punch a ticket where 2-hole punches are for cards and 3-hole punches are for organizing paper in a report or folder. Some hole punchers are adjustable meaning you can adjust the distance between holes and use non-standard distances or use standard hole distances for standard sized 3-ring binders and folders.
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