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Builders Levels

Professional grade levels for builders

We sell professional-grade builders levels. Professional residential and commercial builders all know that everything you build must start out level and remain level and plumb until completion.

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Red Point Laser Level

The PLS3 laser tool from Pacific Laser Systems can be your new best friend whether you’re leveling indoors or out. This state-of-the-art tool delivers dependable, pinpoint readings that can reduce layout times and total work hours across a variety of industries, including HVAC, plumbing, carpentry, and much more. It’s lightweight, durable, and accurate within a quarter of an inch from a distance of 100 feet. Work smarter and more efficiently with the PLS3 at the ready.

Lasers for Design & Build

Pacific Laser Systems users across the country and from a wide range of industries are quick to share the success they’ve had with PLS tools. Modern-day consumers demand more from their contractors and expect work to be completed in a shorter amount of time, so speed, accuracy, and quality are crucial. In order to meet and exceed these high standards, make sure you’re equipped with high-quality, reliable builder’s levels you can depend on.

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Select the right level for the job

When selecting a construction laser, it's not only application specific, there are basically three types of lasers to make your layout less time consuming for certain distances in construction. They are PLUMB ("Dot LASERS"), LINE LEVEL ("Line Generators"), or ROTARY. For distances from 1' to 150', we recommend PLUMB or LINE GENERATORS. For 200' or greater we recommend ROTARY. These are basic rules of thumb on model selection and things can always vary depending on your exact task or application. First, let's discuss the basic models. The following levels emit their lasers in various ways

Plumb or Dot Lasers

These lasers produce a single or multiple dot of reference on the wall or work surface. They work much like a reference point, or a laser plumb bob.

Line Level Lasers (Laser Line Generators)

Another type is one that emits a level line on the wall in a single line, or a cross-hair type of fashion. Typically, these types only emit level lines in one direction and onto a single wall or workspace. These are typically used indoors, and are usually small hand-held types of lasers either positioned on a ladder, saw horse, desk, etc, or mounted to a light-weight jamb-pole or laser platform that extends from floor to ceiling.

Rotary Level Lasers

Then, the other type is a rotary laser, which emits a level line in a rotary fashion. Rotary lasers typically emit a level line around the entire room in 360 degrees. Rotary Lasers are usually a little larger and are mounted on sturdy surveying tripods. Some Rotary Laser Levels can be laid over on their side, using an optional trivet that allows them to project on a vertical plane when used in this manner. The rotation of a single laser makes the human eye think its seeing a line around the room. Hence the name, Rotary Laser. Most all Rotary Lasers work well inside, but if you want to work outside, youll need to make sure you have a laser detector, also known as a laser receiver. This is because the human eye cannot see the laser outside in daylight no more than several feet. More is mentioned below in this article about Laser Detectors.

Learn More about Builders Levels

TIP: The use of Torpedo Levels, Builders Digital Levels, Smart Levels, Spirit Level, Box Levels, Water Levels, and Contractors Bubble Levels all help in various applications but work on the same premise and that is to be on level. You can't go wrong with brand names like Bosch, Johnson Level, and Sola when choosing a quality builders level. Levels are used for grading and excavation projects, framing projects, anytime concrete is formed and poured, as well as many other applications as simple as plumbing a mailbox post or a satellite dish installation. Some models of levels also have an inclinometer feature that will indicate slope of a surface that you're working on which can be handy for handicap access like ramps, sidewalks or driveways, as well as other projects that require slope measurement.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are digital levels?

A digital level uses electronic image processing to read the patterns on a special bar-coded staff, which are converted into elevation and distance measurements. This is achieved through a digital image matching procedure that has been programmed into the device.

How are digital levels used?

Smart levels or any other type of digital level can read patterns on a bar-coded staff, which are used to read elevation and distance. It uses a type of digital imaging that’s programmed into the instrument to match the reading with a specific elevation or distance measurement.

How accurate is a digital level?

Smart levels cost more than a bubble level, but the added cost can give you more functionality. They’re easy to use, are mostly foolproof, and are incredibly accurate. This isn't because they’re more accurate than bubble levels, but because their accuracy is easier to take advantage of. You know exactly how level or plumb an area is inches or even millimeters.

Where can I buy the best digital level?

If you’re looking for the best digital level to meet your specific needs, you can find it at Engineer Supply. We have the best smart levels on the market, and all of them come from top-rated manufacturers. Be sure to take a look at what we have in stock, so you can find a digital level that’s right for you.

How do digital levels work?

Digital levels use a type of image processing to read a bar-coded staff, which allows the instrument to determine elevation and distance. This is done through a matching procedure that’s built into the device. Aside from the hardware components, smart levels come with software that can perform specific operations that are needed for the person using it.
If you’re looking for the best digital level to use on your next project, be sure to look at the broad selection we have at Engineer Supply.
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