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Corporate Safety Eyewear Program

Deciding on the right corporate safety eyewear program is key for your employees safety. Find out how we can develop a program that is the best fit for your business.

Corporate Eyewear Program

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Find Glasses for My Corporate Safety Eyewear Program?

Selecting the best glasses for your company’s prescription safety eyewear program is all about conducting ample research in advance. After determining what you need from your glasses, take a look at the selection available to you at Engineer Supply to find the perfect fit.

Corporate Eyewear Program

How Does OSHA Factor Into Eyewear Decisions?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration determines what safety gear is adequate for various workplace conditions. To ensure that you’re getting the correct eyewear for your program, take a look at the OSHA guidelines dictating safety standards for your company’s field.

What Does ANSI Mean?

The American National Standards Institute provides ratings for safety gear in order to ensure quality. If you see a rating of ANSI z87 on any of the glasses you are considering for your prescription safety glasses program, it means that the eyewear has gone through rigorous testing to guarantee durability, impact resistance, and other critical factors.

What Qualities Are Most Important When Selecting Corporate Eyewear?

Though there are a handful of angles to think about when picking the right glasses for your corporate program, you can always find a good fit by narrowing your selection down to options that are both durable and comfortable. You may also find that looking solely at trusted brands in the industry is a great way to find the fit you require.

Does Style Matter With Safety Goggles?

While it is far from the most important point to think about when picking glasses, you absolutely want to take a moment to look at the different style options when picking prescription eyewear. Just because the main purpose of the glasses is to increase safety does not mean that the eyewear needs to look bulky or awkward.

Finding the right glasses for your corporate safety eyewear program begins with research. As long as you know what you’re searching for, you will be able to sift through the quality options at Engineer Supply to uncover the right fit for your needs.
Corporate Eyewear Program
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