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Whether it’s for manual drawing while you’re in the office or referencing blueprints at the job site, our drafting tables offer the most in durability. Not only do we sell the most recognized manufacturers, but we also offer multiple ergonomic options for any type of work preference.

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The Saturn Drawing Table is easy to assemble. All you need is a screwdriver, key, and drill. But you want to make sure you have all the parts before you start putting it together. Flip the frame over, and attach the base pipes. Make sure the longer part is facing toward the front, so it can support the rest of the frame. Attach the rubber feet to the pipes, followed by the adjustment handles. From there, you can attach the drawing board by laying it flat on a blanket or towel and screwing the frame onto the center of the board.


There are times when you need to work no matter where you are, which is where the Alvin Straight Edge Board comes in handy. Start by turning it upside down and opening two feet that will allow it to sit on an incline. The grills on the opposite edges of the board can be used to keep it in place at the edge of the table. Simply move it toward you until they catch at the desired position. The Alvin Straight Edge Board is perfect for on-the-go architectural work, which is why you should consider adding it to your list of tools.

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Hand-drafting plans has been an established method for drawing blueprints, and it has been used by architects for many years. Even though much of the industry has moved toward digital design software, this method is continuing to be used. Our drafting tables are superior in both quality and design, which is why they’re perfect for any drafting or architectural professional. We also have a number of flexible designs. So whether you want a flat drawing table or one that sits on an incline, we have one that will work for you.


If you work in the architectural industry, you want to stay as productive as possible. So, you need access to tools that will make your workflow easier. Our drafting tables have multiple designs, including accessories that will allow you to make accurate drawings quickly. Whether you need a movable straight-edge for making more precise lines or something that will keep the paper in place as you work, you can be sure to find a drawing table at Engineering Supply.

Even though much of the architectural industry has moved into the digital space, there is still a need for hand-drafting plans and blueprints. And just like any other form of visual communication, it’s an art form that’s worth learning. Like many writers who swear by the use of hand-written drafts, many architects choose to do the same thing because it helps them to think. And to do it at a professional level, you need to have the right tools. While you will need a number of drawing and measuring supplies, the most essential tool is an architectural drafting table. Engineering Supply carries a number of drawing tables, which include:

  • Safco Drafting Tables
  • Alvin Drafting Tables
  • Mayline Drafting Tables
  • Drawing Boards
  • Drawing Reference Tables
We have a variety of designs that can be used in many different applications. So no matter what type of architectural drafting table you’re looking for, you can be sure to find one that will suit your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a drafting table used for?

Drafting tables can used for many types of writing, drawing or reading activities. The large surface area can accommodate oversized paper and tools, making it a great option for blueprints and other large-format documents and images. It can also be used for crafts or other projects that require a table top with ample working space.

How do I choose a drafting table?

When selecting an architectural drafting table, it is important to assess the ways in which you plan to use the surface. Ensure that the table’s surface area will be large enough to accommodate your activity. Check out the table dimensions to confirm that it will fit in your space. Look for features such as adjustable height and angle that may be useful.

What angle is a drafting table?

The angle on drafting tables can vary. Some models feature an adjustable angle, where the angle may be set from 0 to 45 degrees. Other models may offer a fixed table top angle that cannot be changed. The option to modify the angle allows you to determine the most comfortable setting to perform your work, and it allows the portable drafting table to accommodate different types of activities.

How does a drafting table work?

A drafting table provides a large top to suit various projects, such as sketching, crafting and writing. It is a great tool for anyone who needs a wide surface to work on and often provides the flexibility to adjust for different activities. Depending on the model, tables often feature adjustable height and table top angle.

What are the types of drawing board?

The tops of drafting tables can be composed of several kinds of materials, including wood, composite resins and plastics. Each material has its own benefits to think about when shopping for a table. Personal preference as well as weight, surface texture and aesthetic needs should be considered when choosing construction materials.

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