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Laser Measurers

Providing superior tools for more accurate measuring

The laser measuring tools that are offered by Engineering Supply can give you accurate measuring because they use laser-light technology to give you a truly straight line. Just point the laser measuring tool to the target, and it will show the distance on the LCD screen.

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Laser Measurers Features

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Simple user interface

Accurate measuring system

Quality manufacturing

Precision distance measurement

Easy height measurement

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The Leico Disto E7500i Laser Distance Meter is perfect for more precise measuring, because it has a sophisticated laser targeting mechanism that works well even in bright sunshine. With a simple crosshair and an LCD viewscreen, this laser measuring tool is easy to use and can give you accurate measurements quickly. You can also use it to measure the incline and distance of sloped objects, which can come in handy. You can even measure the height of an object without a reflective target. And with a free app that you can download to your smartphone, you can make sketches of a specific area in which you are workin


The Leico Disto E7400x Laser Distance Meter is one of the many high quality laser measuring devices that are being sold by Engineering Supply. Not only can it give you accurate measurements more quickly, but it also has a sturdy design that allows it to withstand a great deal of punishment. The Leico Disto E7400x Laser Distance Meter is dust-proof and shock-proof. And if it gets wet, there’s no need to worry. It’s jet water protected, so it can continue to work in wet conditions.

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By using the laser measuring tools offered by Engineering Supply, you can get accurate results quickly. And you’ll have a great deal of flexibility in terms of what you can measure — from horizontal and vertical distances to even slope variations. With a simple user interface, our laser measuring devices can give you exactly what you need to survey a job site or to make sure that what you build is done according to scale. Feel free to browse through our inventory. We’re confident you’ll find a laser measuring tool that will suit your specific needs.


The laser measuring tools being offered by Engineering Supply can be used for measuring both horizontal and vertical distances, which makes it ideal for any kind of job. So whether you need to measure the height of a tree or the length of a hallway, these laser measuring devices will work for you. It can even calculate differences in slope, which can come in handy if you’re working in an area with obvious incline differences. Be sure to look through what we have in our inventory, so you can find a laser measuring tool that’s right for you!

Learn More about Laser Measurers

Also called “electronic tape measures” or “digital measuring devices,” laser measuring tools can be used for making accurate measurements of practically anything. You can point it an object, and the distance will show up on the device’s LCD screen. They can show multiple units of measure, so you’ll have a great deal of flexibility on whatever job site in which you’re working. Because they can read from the back as well as the front, they’re great for making both wall and ceiling measurements. Just lay the device on the backside, point it up, and it will get an accurate floor-to-ceiling measurement. As you’re deciding on which of these tools to purchase, you should compare the range or distance that they’re rated for because some devices have longer ranges than others. And some models have greater accuracy than others. Some models also have a “Pythagoras” feature, which allows you to calculate the third side of a triangle by using the Pythagorean Theorem. You can stand back from a building or some other object, point it at both corners of a specific edge, and hit the Pythagoras button to find the distance across the face of that area. It uses the Pythagorean Theorem to figure out the “triangle” you just created, and it will give you the distance of that side.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are laser tape measures accurate?

Overall, a laser tape measure is considered very accurate and superior to other measurement devices such as tape measures or yardsticks. Laser technology allows for more precise calculation of lengths and distances than a standard ruler. Non-electronic measurement methods require the user to align the measuring tool and to visually determine the correct measurement, which may result in errors.

Do laser tape measures work outside?

Yes, an electronic tape measure can work for both indoor and outdoor applications. However, bright sunlight can make it more difficult to see the laser dot at the end of your measured distance. It is important to confirm that the dot is on the object to ensure an accurate measurement. Some devices offer visual targeting aids such as viewfinders or video screens to help increase visibility.

How do you use a laser measuring device?

Always follow the manufacturer instructions for the tool you have purchased. In general, place the laser tape measure at one end of the area to be measured. Then, deploy the laser to target an object at the end of the area. Be sure to confirm that you can see the laser dot before proceeding. The device will calculate the length or distance with great accuracy and will provide you with the resulting measurement on a display screen.

Are laser tape measures dangerous?

Typically, a laser measuring tool uses a low-powered laser that is less likely to cause eye damage than a high-powered laser. A laser tape measure is generally not dangerous when used as intended and the manufacturer instructions for use and care are followed. However, it is important to remember that any laser, including laser pointers or laser tape measures, should never be pointed directly at the eyes.

How do electronic tape measures work?

Electronic tape measures emit a laser beam that is intended to strike an object at a distance. The light from the laser bounces back to the device and the tool uses the time it takes for the light to return to calculate the distance that the laser traveled. The resulting measurement is often shown on a digital screen on the device.
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