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If you’re looking for a brand that makes the best artist paper and supplies, Strathmore should be the first name you think of. With a history that goes back over a hundred years, the Strathmore sketchbook has been proven to be of the highest quality. And it has been used my many famous artists from all over the world. Be sure to look at the broad selection we have at Engineering Supply, so you can find a Strathmore drawing pad that’s right for you.

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Quality artist paper

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Ideal drawing surface

Perfect for professionals

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Art is a universal language that can be spoken to anyone, so it helps people to communicate with each other across different cultures. It’s the language of the past, and it’s the language of the future. It can transport us to another place, and it can help us to experience another culture. Art also has a tremendous capacity to heal. And because of all these reasons, Strathmore is a company that celebrates artists. They add beauty to the world, and they put their souls on display for all the world to see. Strathmore knows how important it is for artists to have the perfect surface on which to create. And with a history that dates back over a hundred years, they believe that better paper makes better art.


The Strathmore Toned Mixed Media Paper combines the versatility of mixed media paper with the shading ability of toned paper. Not only can it handle dry media (such as graphite and colored pencil), but it can also be great for wet media (such as watercolor and acrylic paint). With a heavyweight design and a toned drawing surface (in both tan and cool gray), this type of Strathmore sketchbook is the perfect hybrid. And its mid-tone color makes it perfect for light and dark media. You can even find sizes for wet media applications. So if you’re ready to buy this Strathmore drawing pad, be sure to take a look at what we have at Engineering Supply.

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Strathmore paper has a reputation for being the best in the industry, and it has been used by many famous artists from around the world. That’s why Engineering Supply is proud be an authorized dealer of the Strathmore sketchbook and many other products from this brand. We know that professional designers need access to the best tools, which is why we work with some of the best manufacturers in the industry. If you’re looking for a Strathmore drawing pad or any product from this company, be sure to look at what we have in stock.


Whether you’re looking for a Strathmore sketchbook or some other product, you can find what you need at Engineering Supply. We have a variety of products that can be used in a number of applications. So whether you’re an architect who needs to design a building or a professional artist who is looking for a surface on which to express your creativity, you can find the perfect type of Strathmore paper that will meet your specific needs. Feel free to look at what we have in our store, so you can find a product that’s right for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Strathmore sketchbooks good?

Strathmore paper has a reputation that goes back over a hundred years, and it has been used by many famous artists from all over the world. So if you’re looking for a brand that will give you quality artist paper and supplies, be sure to pick up a Strathmore sketchbook today!

What do people like about Strathmore sketchbooks?

Strathmore is a brand that has been trusted by many professional artists over the last 100 years, and it continues to make the best artist paper in the industry. You can find a Strathmore drawing pad that’s perfect for all skill levels, and you can use it to create beautiful works of art.

What's the difference between the Strathmore 300 and the Strathmore 400?

The Strathmore 300 is a meant for quick sketches and to practice various techniques for any type of media, but it can also be used by beginning artists or art students. The Strathmore 400 is a higher-quality product that offers superior sheet formation, a harder surface, and a variety of textures that can give artists a broader range in terms of media and styles.

What are the different types of Strathmore drawing pads?

Each type of Strathmore paper has a specific series number, which include the following:
  • 100 Series — Good for young artists and children.

  • 200 Series — Good for beginning artists who are older and little more skilled.

  • 300 Series — A better quality paper that’s perfect for art students who want to practice various techniques.

  • 400 Series — The best type of paper for professional artists who are looking for a stronger and more versatile surface.

  • 500 Series — A premium product that will offer the best quality for any type of artistic professional.

If you’re looking for a Strathmore sketchbook or any other product from this company, be sure to look at what we have at Engineering Supply.

Is Strathmore watercolor paper cotton?

Both the Strathmore 300 and 400 Series watercolor paper is made of a heavyweight material that’s great for experimenting with certain techniques and for doing final pieces. The 400 Series is popular among many watercolor artists at all skill levels, because it can allow you to do even washes and finer details. It also has a strong surface that’s good for lifting and scraping techniques.
If you’re looking for a place where you can find a broad selection of Strathmore paper, feel free to look at what we have at Engineering Supply.

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