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Johnson Level

The Johnson Level and Tool Company has been serving the needs of construction professionals and do-it-yourselfers since 1947. They have one of the most comprehensive lines of measuring and marking tools, as well as a variety of hand tools that can be used in any type of construction or DIY project. The Johnson level is one of the best in the market, which is why you should pick one up at Engineering Supply.

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Johnson Level Features

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Johnson has been the leader in providing quality leveling tools for over 70 years, and every single one of their products has been designed to make your work easier. Every Johnson level has a lifetime accuracy warranty, which makes it a superior product that is truly worth the investment. Their line of laser levels is among the most comprehensive in the industry, and their optical products have a high degree of accuracy at longer ranges. Johnson makes theodolites, auto-levels, and transits. So no matter what type of surveying equipment you need, you can find a product that will give you years of use. They also have a comprehensive line of measuring and layout tools, which have the same kind of durability that you would expect from a Johnson product. Be sure to look at what we have at Engineering Supply. And if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us. We would be happy to speak with you!


A rotary laser is great for grading, concrete flat work, and masonry. And because they’re easy to set up and use, they can help you work quicker and more efficiently. Once you press the power button, they will self-level. This feature takes the guesswork out of these types of operations, and it eliminates the need for manual calibration. If you enable the tilt mode, it will shut off if it gets bumped (which can prevent costly errors). You can adjust the slope settings with a remote control, which is not only easy to operate but can also save time. If you're looking for the best rotary lasers on the market, be sure to look at what we have at Engineering Supply.

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Johnson tools are some the best in the industry, which is why they have such a strong reputation. Since the company was founded, they have been committed to providing some of the best leveling and construction tools. That’s why Engineering Supply is proud to be a factory authorized Johnson Level and Tool dealer. We have a variety of products in our store — from the renowned Johnson level to a number of other tools that can be used in building and construction. This can include a number of measuring tools and laser levels that can make your job easier. Feel free to look at what we have in stock, so you can find the perfect tool for your specific needs.


The Johnson Level and Tool Company has been around since 1947, so they have an established history in the marketplace. They have been manufacturing tools for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts, and they have some of the best leveling and measuring tools on the market. This includes a full line of laser levels and industrial tools that can make your job easier. Johnson tools are of the highest quality, so they will give you years of rugged use. Every single Johnson level and tool can be a great asset to any professional contractor. And if you need a theodolite or any type of surveying equipment, you can find it from this company. Be sure to look at what we have at Engineering Supply, so you can find a tool that’s right for you!

While the bubble level has been around for many years, there have been advances in technology that has made this process much easier. Since laser levels have been introduced to the market, critics have been seeing it as nothing more than a passing fad. But it has become a viable product that has allowed contractors to make accurate measurements quickly. Some of them are also able to level themselves, which can save a great deal of time while you’re on the job site. While leveling it manually isn’t difficult (though it does take some practice), eliminating this step can save you time and could prevent costly errors. The Johnson Level and Tool Company has a broad selection of leveling and construction tools. Some of these include but may not be limited to:

  • Laser levels
  • Industrial equipment and tools/li>
  • Box levels
  • Torpedo levels
  • Chalk lines
  • Builder’s squares
  • Rafter layout squares
  • Framing squares
  • Measuring tapes
Feel free to look at what we have in stock, so you can find a tool that will meet your specific needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Johnson level?

The Johnson Level and Tool Company has been making quality construction tools since 1947. They have one of the most comprehensive lines of measuring tools, but the Johnson spirit level is one of their most well-known tools. You can even buy a Johnson laser level, which is one of the best on the market. Feel free to look at the broad selection of Johnson tools we have at Engineer Supply

How accurate is a Johnson laser level?

The accuracy of a Johnson laser level kit can be anywhere from 1/16th of an inch to 1/8th of an inch for every 50-100 feet. Not only is it more accurate than a spirit level, but it can also measure a plumb or level point at a much greater distance. Be sure to look at the specifications for every Johnson level you’re considering.

How does a Johnson laser level kit work?

A Johnson laser level can give you a level or plumb reference by displaying a dot or line on a particular surface. Rotary laser levels can work along a 360-degree plane, which can be handy if you need to work on an entire room. If you’re looking for a quality Johnson level, be sure to look at what we have at Engineer Supply.

Can a Johnson level be used for tiling?

While there are many types of Johnson laser levels, some of them are built specifically for tiling applications. They can project a laser beam over wet mastic or cement. They can also form a 90-degree reference, which can be used in flooring applications. Some of them even have dual leveling vials, so they can be used on vertical surfaces.

Where can I buy a Johnson laser level?

Whether you’re looking for a Johnson laser level kit or some other leveling tool, you can find what you need at Engineer Supply. We’re a Factory Authorized Dealer of Johnson tools. So if you’re looking for one of the most comprehensive selections of laser levels and construction tools, feel free to look at what we have in stock.

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