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Art Tracing Projectors

When you want to trace artwork or drawings onto another larger surface such as a poster, wall, mural, or bullentin board, and at a larger scale, an Art Tracing Projector is of great help. Art Tracing Projectors are also known as Art Projectors, or Drawing Projectors. They take an existing image and increase its projected size and from there you can trace or reproduce your work in a larger scale. Some tracing art projectors are very simple with bulbs, a mirror and lens, while some projectors are more advanced with HDMI inputs, RCA Video inputs, or even accept SD Cards that project your digital work at a larger scale for tracing. Simple or advanced, tracing art projectors are great tools for anyone looking to transpose artwork onto a larger surface. The tracing can then be used as a guide for further drawing or artwork such as painting or sketching.
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Here we explain the two types of Art Projectors, a Digital Art Projectors or Opaque Projectors.

Digital Art Projectors operate using images stored on your computer, phone, thumb drive, or tablet. These projectors can also project live images from your phone, play videos, project PDF and PowerPoint, or Word docs. You can manipulate the image right on the projector, for example enhance edges, or change it from color to black & white and back. Digital Art Projectors are also very bright and most can work in reasonably well lit rooms.

Opaque Art Projectors are the traditional style of projector which shines a bright light on a surface such as a photograph or illustration, or a three dimensional object and projects that image. Opaque Art Projectors usually require a dark room to operate effectively. Lenses vary which allow both enlargement and reduction of the original image. If your source materials are primarily printed, you may prefer an Opaque Art Projector.
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