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Inspection Equipment

We have a variety of Underground Utility Inspection Equipment that's used for mostly in the storm and sanitary sewer industry. These are tools used by people that want to locate and inspect underground sewer systems to see where there may be problems such as leaks, line breaks, blockages, and roots that have grown into pipes causing problems. Underground utility systems must be inspected routinely but usually are only inspected when there is a perceived problem. Many times, storm or sanitary sewer utility systems are inspected to discover how they are built since some systems configuration is unknown either due to the plans no longer exist, or as-builts did not record design changes made during the construction process. Inspection equipment can prove to be invaluable at times when utility systems are not functioning properly or simply need locating for upgrades or repair. EngineerSupply sells the Ridgid brand of Inspection Tools and Equipment based on the level of high quality. Please feel free to contact us with questions about the tools and equipment we sell.
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