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Safety Vests

A surveyor’s vest is designed to keep workers safe in areas where there’s a great deal of road or rail traffic, especially when they’re working in low-visibility conditions. Engineering Supply has some of the best products on the market, and we have a variety of options from which you can choose. No matter what type of safety vest you’re looking for, you can find it at our store.

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Safety Vests Features

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Reflective material

Meets safety standards

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Handy pockets

Different color options

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A SECO vest will come in a variety of sizes — from 38-66. And if you want to know how to size one of their safety vests, you need to know what you’ll be wearing at that particular time of the year. A surveyor’s vest or any other type of safety apparel you wear should fit comfortably around you, so you should know how to size it properly. You will typically want to add three inches to your shirt size, which should allow the surveyor safety vest to go around what you’re wearing underneath without being too constrictive. You also want to pay attention to your pocket configurations, so you can find one that will meet your specific needs.


Both of these vests meet all of the federal mandates and standards for Class 3 safety gear. They use a different type of reflective tape that’s softer and more durable in colder climates, and they have a padded neck that’s made of a durable material. The sleeves are made of a meshed material, which will keep you cooler in hotter weather. And the same is true for the back as well. Nylon webbing runs along the edge of the surveyor safety vest, which is extremely durable. And there are two mic clips, which will allow you to use either your right or left hand. You’ll find various pockets in the front of these vests, as well as a heavy-duty zipper. You’ll also find a cell-phone pocket inside the safety vest, which will fit most devices.

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Which is the best safety vest?

Safety vests are commonly used in many professions, so you first need to know why you want to buy one. To find the best surveyor’s vest or any other type of safety gear, you need to make sure it meets OSHA and ANSI standards. And local regulations should also be taken into consideration. Once you have selected the right brand, you’ll probably have a number of choices with regard to color and pocket configuration. There may also be some other features that will impact your final decision. You also have to think about the environment in which you’ll be working. Urban areas are full of orange and yellow, so you may want to find a surveyor safety vest with some other non-corresponding color. The opposite is true if you’re working in a forest or countryside.
Why is it important to wear safety clothing?
Safety clothing and other types of protective gear will protect you and your crew from hazards that may be present at a job site, especially in areas where administrative and engineering controls aren’t able to reduce the risk to a more manageable level. A respirator will protect your crew from breathing contaminated air, which is a requirement in areas that don’t have adequate ventilation. Other factors (such as harsh chemicals and noise) can also be unsafe to people who need to work in these conditions. Assessing the risk of a job site on a periodic basis can help you to determine what type of safety gear your crew needs. You need to consider the environment in which your crew is working, how much they will move in that environment, and the type of equipment they will be using at that particular site.
What is the best type of material for a safety vest?
Because many of them look alike, finding the right type of surveyor’s vest or any other type of safety apparel can be challenging. They can have many different models, classes, and features. You have to think about the material, the ANSI class, the type of closure, and even the number of pockets. Non-ANSI Safety Vests (also called Class 1 Safety Vests) don’t meet ANSI/ISEA standards, and they can be worn in areas where traffic doesn’t go over 25 mph. Class 2 Safety Vests have a background fabric that’s at least 775 square inches, as well as at least 201 square inches of reflective material that’s at least 35 mm wide. Class 3 Safety Vests have a background fabric that’s at least 1240 square inches, as well as a reflective tape that’s at least 310 square inches with a minimum width of 50 mm.

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