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Builders Squares

If you’re looking for a builders square, framing square, combination square, or drywall square, you can find what you need at Engineer Supply. We have a variety of models from top-rated manufacturers, and all of them are built with the professional in mind. Feel free to look at what we have in stock, so you can find a tool that will meet your specific needs.

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The assembly system for this T-square uses an auto-screwdriver system with a vibrating screw feeder, which allows for the quick and efficient placement of each screw. Each one travels through the tube to the screwdriver, while the T-square head is put into the jig to ensure accuracy. Each pack has six T-squares per layer, which is used to fill a box of 60 units. A clear sticker holds the poly sleeve on, while the cardboard protects the head from scratches. The shafts are also tied together to prevent sliding.


Slope is calculated by finding the ratio of the “vertical change” (rise) to the “horizontal change” (run) between any two points on the same line, and it’s signified by the letter “m.” You divide the change in the Y-axis (the vertical change) by the change in the X-axis (horizontal change), and the final number will be referenced as a percentage (which can be calculated by multiplying the final result by 100).

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If you’re looking for a professional grade builders square that you can use on the job site, Engineer Supply has a variety of tools from top-rated manufacturers. All of our products are built for professionals, so you can be sure to get a tool that will give you years of extended use. We know that professional contractors need to have quality tools, which is why we offer some of the best products on the market. If you’re ready to purchase a speed square that you can add to your toolbox, be sure to look at what we have in stock.


Whether you’re looking for a builders square, drywall square, or combination square, you can find what you need at Engineer Supply. We have a variety of models that can meet a number of needs, and we can offer them to you at a price you can afford. That’s why we’re one of the best places to purchase construction and contractor tools online. Feel free to look at what we have in our store, so you can find a tool that's right for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use a speed square?

Here are some ways that you can use a speed square:
  • As a saw guide — This kind of builders square can be used to keep your circular saw straight and true as you cross-cut lumber. Just place the lip of the square on the outer edge of the wood, line up the saw shoe against the straight edge of the square, and cut.
  • To draw lines — If you need to draw a guideline for cutting wood so you can make a rip cut, you can use a speed square as a straight edge. Just place the square lip along the outer edge of the board, place the tip of your pencil inside one of the notches, and you’ll have a straight line that’s ready to cut.
  • As a roof pitch tool — You can use this builders square to determine the pitch of a roof, which is useful for installing skylights, designing an addition, or getting an estimate for a replacement. If you use it with a level, you’ll be able to get a rough estimate of your roof’s pitch angle.
  • As a square checker — While you may use another tool (such as a combination square, framing square, or tri square), you can use this kind of builders square for this purpose if you don’t have immediate access to any other tool.
  • As a protractor — You can use a speed square to measure any angle you need for making cross cuts. You can measure a 90-degree angle with the straight edge, a 45-degree angle with the miter square, and all the others with the straight edge and pivot point.
No matter what kind of job you need to do, learning how to use this builders square is a valuable skill.

What is the common on a speed square?

The word “common” refers to the common scale, which is the same as the degree scale coming in from the hypotenuse. It has numbers that range from 1 to 30, and it can be used to read pitch angles (which is measured by “rise over run").

Who invented the speed square?

This kind of builders square was invented 1925 by Albert Swanson. The term is a trademarked name. But like Kleenex, it’s often used as the general name for this kind of tool. Stanley makes a similar tool called a “Quick Square,” and Irwin’s is referred to as the “Rafter Square.”

How do I use a drywall square?

You can use a drywall square by performing the following steps:
  • Set up the square on the plaster board by aligning the stock with the edge of the drywall. The blade will run down the surface.
  • Measure where you want to cut, and mark it using the hash marks along the blade.
  • Hold the square securely in place, and use the blade as a straight edge so you can cut the material along your mark.
If you’re looking for a drywall square that you can use on your next project, be sure to look at what we have at Engineer Supply.

Where can I buy a quality builders square?

If you’re looking for one of the best places to buy a drywall square or any other kind of builders square, you can find what you need at Engineer Supply. We have a variety of tools that can be used for construction and engineering, so feel free to look at what we have in our store.

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