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Marking Products

Browse our selection of Marking Products such as Marking Paint, Marking Flags, Marking Ribbon, Marking Distance Wheels, and Chalk Boxes. Whether you're marking existing utilities, new construction, roads, or landscaping, these professional grade marking products get the job done.

Marking Paint , also known as "Upside Down Paint" or "Inverted Spray Paint", has a built in tip that will allow it to spray and not clog while held upside down. This feature allows the inverted paint to be used while spraying straight down usually on the ground or pavement. Marking Paint is used by many different industries from underground utility location marking, laying off home or building foundation locations, driveway designs for grading, all the way to marking off logs for knowing where to cut or laying off holes to dig for fence posts. Marking paint is sold in various colors that match standardized color designations for utilities. Marking Paint has also been widely used by foresters and loggers over the years when marking timber.

Wire Marking Flags are basically thin wire with a plastic flag attached to it which work by sticking them in the ground. Marking Flags are used by anyone that wants to lay off corners for a building, mark utility locations, or show where a boundary is at. Various colors of marking flags can be used to designate various meanings.

Marking Ribbon is also known as Marking Flags or Roll Flagging and it is used often by land surveyors, builders, foresters, appraisers, real estate professionals, and even works great as flagging that's tied onto lumber too long for a truck bed. Marking Ribbon or Flagging can also have a message printed on them such as "Caution" or "Danger" to mark off an area with a warning message.

Marking Distance Wheels are used any one that needs to measure off distances and mark them using marking paint at the same time. Many people try to do this by holding their information such as a drawing or map, while holding a can of marking spray paint and rolling a measuring wheel at the same time, which many have discovered it works but not well. Marking Wheels hold the can of paint for you as you walk and mark distances. Marking Wheels work great on driveway layout, utility layout, athletic fields, grading and excavation work, and more.

Chalk Boxes also known as a "Builders Chalk Line" and are used to "snap" a straight line from two known marked or measured points usually across wood or asphalt and concrete. We sell professional chalk lines and chalk line refills.

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