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CAD Digitizers

The Modern Age has started a technological revolution that gave to a number of new and innovative products. The world of “hand drawing” has almost been completely replaced by what is now referred to as Computer-Aided Design (CAD). If you need to take your paper designs and convert them into electronic files, using large-format digitizers can be useful for you. These “absolute positioning” devices will allow you to make a precise digital copy of a plan in printed form, so it can be stored for future modification.

A CAD digitizer is a type of input device that’s used to convert analog data into a digital format with a single pointing device. It’s also known by the following names:
  • Drawing tablet
  • Digitizer tablet
  • Graphics tablet
  • Drawing table
  • CAD tablet
The pointing device for this type of CAD drawing tablet can be either a cursor, puck, stylus, or mouse. But people in the industry will call them by different names. A CAD digitizer can also be used as software menu overlays, where the user can select specific commands inside their CAD software. This can be considerably faster compared to selecting them inside the program itself. Architects and engineers might even choose to use their own menu overlay, which is where this kind of tablet for CAD drawing can be an advantage.

Patterns can be digitized manually with a pen, but they can also be done automatically with a scanner or camera. Once these patterns have been converted into vector lines, they can be opened inside a CAD program. Any industry that uses this type of software for designing, engineering, or manufacturing can take advantage of a CAD digitizer. You can quickly and easily transform your paper patterns into digital files with just a few clicks inside your CAD system by using this type of tablet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of CAD digitizers?

Here are some of the different types of CAD digitizers:
  • Passive Digitizers — One example of this t
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