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Klein Tools

Klein Tools has been manufacturing their products in America since 1857, and they believe it’s important to keep that tradition alive. Klein electrical tools are known for their quality, which is why Engineer Supply is proud to carry their products in our store. Feel free to look at what we have in stock, so you can find a Klein tool set that’s right for you!

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Klein Tools Features

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American made

Quality manufacturing

Professional grade

Family owned

Utmost in durability

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Set up the laser on a tripod at about 100 feet from a wall, and rotate it with the front pointing to a wall. Turn on the detector and the laser level. When the detector indicates level, mark the wall accordingly. Rotate the laser 180 degrees, and make a mark by using the detector again. Calculate the difference between these two marks to make sure it’s within the device’s specified accuracy. Rotate the laser 90 degrees, and make another mark by using the detector. Calculate the difference between this mark and the previous one. If it’s within the device’s specified accuracy, it’s ready to be used. Otherwise, it will have to be professionally calibrated.


Set up the laser level on a tripod or flat surface. If it’s a manual level, you will have to make sure the bubble vials show level. Turn on the laser level. If it’s a self-leveling model, give it a moment to level itself. Once the device has been set up, it will emit a laser that shows level either on a wall or across an outdoor workspace. And depending on the type of laser, it could be dot, multiple line, or rotary (which shows 360 degrees of level either horizontally or vertically). You can use a detector to intercept the laser if there’s no wall to “catch” it, which is typically needed outdoors. Attach the detector to a measuring rod and move it up or down until you hear beeping. This indicates that the detector has found the laser. Secure the detector to the rod and make your measurements as necessary.

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Klein Tools has been making their products in the US for over 150 years, so they have a long-lasting legacy that has been carried on by the Klein family. Klein electrical tools aren’t just attached to a company. They’re attached to a family name, so they have to be proud of everything they make. They do more than just make great products. Every piece of a Klein tool set can meet the demands of professionals who need to use them on a daily basis. And because the company has such high standards, you can expect their tools to give you the utmost in performance, durability, and precision.


By only using quality materials and superior workmanship here in the United States, Klein Tools can stay true to the high standards that you would expect from this company. They continue to invest in American manufacturing and is committed to keeping its place as the preferred company for electrical professionals. Klein is the only major tool manufacturer that focuses entirely on electrical and utility applications. They’re also the only manufacturer in this part of the industry that makes all their tools in America. That’s why Engineer Supply is proud to carry their products in our store. Feel free to look at what we have in our inventory, so you can find a Klein tool set that will meet your specific needs.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are Klein electrical tools used for?

Klein Tools is the only manufacturer that focuses entirely on electrical tools. They have been family owned and operated for over 150 years, and all of their tools are made in America. That’s why Klein is a name that many electrical and utility professionals trust.

Why do electricians use Klein tools?

The design behind a Klein tool set is based on years of fine tuning. And because they offer the utmost in reliability and comfort, they will last your entire career if you take care of them properly. Feel free to look at the broad selection of Klein electrical tools we have at Engineer Supply.

Is a Klein tool set only used by electricians?

Klein is the only major tool manufacturer that focuses entirely on electrical and utility applications. The company was founded by a German immigrant named Mathias Klein in 1857, and they have been based in the Chicago area since then. All of their products are American made and are the most trusted brand among electricians.

Where are Klein tools from?

Klein electrical tools have been made in America for over 150 years, and the company is committed to honoring this tradition. Klein Tools isn’t just the name of a company. It’s also a family name, so they have to be proud of what they produce. That’s why a Klein tool set will give you the most in durability and reliability.

Where can I buy a good Klein tool set?

If you’re looking for one of the best places to buy Klein electrical tools, you can find what you need at Engineer Supply. We have a variety of Klein tools that are perfect for electrical and utility professionals, so feel free to look at what we have in stock.

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