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What Are the Most Important Tools to a Joiner or Carpenter?

Blog most important tools for carpenters

10 Top Tools for Joiners and Carpenters

Carpentry is a truly ancient trade, tracing its roots back to before recorded history. Many of the best tools today are simply upgraded versions of tried and true favorites. Whether you are a hobbyist or a professional, having the right equipment matters. From measuring tools to saws, below are the top 10 tools used by joiners and carpenters that are absolute must-haves in anyone’s workshop.

blog most important tools for carpenters

1) Hand Saw Among the best tools for woodworking, the hand saw is irreplaceable. There are many specialized variants, but they are all simple tools that are always reliable. It may be humble compared to power saws, but you can always be sure your hand saw will work.

2) Spirit Levels Spirit levels are another staple of woodworking. Most carpenters and joiners have several of these useful tools for various situations and needs.

3) Tape Measures Another essential among measuring tools, the tape measure is the go-to for most measuring jobs in carpentry. It should always be on your tool belt. In a sense, it is the most important tool you can own since you should always measure twice and cut once.

4) Claw Hammer The hammer is another classic tool. The claw variant is the most popular today thanks to its versatility. Sometimes is it the unassuming of tools that are the most important. Of course, even among claw hammers, there are many styles and variations for different specialized needs.

5) Chisel Like the hammer and saw, the chisel has been in people’s tool kits for about as long as people have been using tools. Again, this simple hand tool is a staple that many woodworkers, especially joiners, have many variations of.

6) Work Bench At the center of every workshop is the work bench. While any working surface can suffice, a purpose-built bench is always a good idea.

7) Tool Belts Having your tools handy is always helpful in carpentry. A carpenter tool belt is an immensely helpful item that can have a major impact on your woodworking experience.

8) Carpenter’s Square As with many of the tools on this list, simple is often better. While technology can produce some fancy measuring tools, there are few tools quite so utilitarian and reliable as the carpenter’s square.

9) Angle Finder If you are working as a joiner or a carpenter, an angle finder is an everyday type of tool. Again, there are computer-assisted alternatives but working with the classic is often easier.

blog most important tools for carpenters

10) Dividers (Compass) A drawing compass, also known as a divider, is a very helpful tool in every field of craftsmanship. If you ever need to mark out circles of rounded lines, you need this in your workshop. In other words, every carpenter or joiner needs this tool. Get Your Equipment Today Like other craftspeople, carpenters and joiners rely on their tools to help them get the job done right. So, having the right tools for the job is important. Engineer Supply has all of the above essential plus many more specialized tools. Check out the full catalog of tools and other craftsmanship and engineering-related products. tools for carpenters infographic
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