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Rotary Laser Levels

Rotary Laser Levels produce a level laser line around a work space in 360 degrees as a reference of level. From there, all types of work can be done from site grading, pouring concrete, installing chair rails, installing fences, laying out foundations for building construction, installing drop-ceilings, and more. Some models are for indoor use only, and some models will handle indoor and outdoor use. Rotary Lasers are manual-leveling or automatic-leveling types (automatic-leveling are also sometimes called "self-leveling"). If you plan to use a laser that is made for outdoor exterior work, you will need a laser detector (detectors are also known as receivers or sensors), since laser beams cannot be seen by the human eye in bright conditions. Plus, laser detectors generally double the range of a rotary laser levels beam since a detectors eye is sensitive and can detect a beam from further away than a human eye can. Don't feel overwhelmed, we agree that there's a lot of rotary lasers to choose from and we generally recommend that you first define the tasks you're going to want to accomplish with your new laser. Then start looking at the features you might want, such as; plumb-up beam, plumb-down beam, variable rotation speed or fixed rotation speed, accuracy, or if a laser detector included or not included. View our selection of Rotary Laser Levels below. If you need help selecting a Rotary Construction Laser Level, please contact us as we'd be glad to help you make sense of the various models. We'll answer your questions, and also promise no sales pitch. You might consider reading our document Construction Laser Levels Explained

Rotary Laser Levels for Interior Work
Laser levels for interior work such as drop-ceiling installation, chair rails and trim work, etc. These lasers generally include a wall or ceiling mount bracket, and remote controls, but no laser detector since detectors are generally used outdoors for exterior work and not indoors. However, some manufacturers do include a laser detector with their Interior Lasers as a convenience or added bonus. These laser levels can be used outdoors but a detector is required when working outdoors since the human eye cannot see the laser line in bright daylight.

Rotary Laser Levels for Exterior Work

Laser levels for exterior work such as grading, underground utility work, site preparation, construction stake-out setting forms for pouring concrete foundations or slabs, etc. Typically a Rotary Laser Exterior Kit includes a Tripod, Grade Rod, and a Laser Detector. Laser Detectors are required if working outdoors since most laser beams are not bright enough to be seen by the naked eye outdoors. Also, the use of a laser detector will usually almost double the range of a rotary laser. Detectors can be purchased separately if a laser kit does not include one, but remember to buy a red-beam detector for red-beam laser levels, and green-beam detector for green-beam laser levels as you cannot mix-match detectors.

Rotary Laser Levels with Grade Match

Rotary Laser Levels that do "Grade Match" are lasers that have the ability to tilt and match a desired grade. These lasers do not allow the user to enter the desired grade, but they do allow the user to tilt the lasers line till it reaches or matches an existing grade, or an elevation you have calculated on your grade rod or to a pre-calculated mark. Please note that the Auto-Level feature disables itself if you are out of level and are doing a grade function. Please be aware that some Rotary Laser Levels offer single-grade, and some offer-dual grade. Dual-grade lasers have the ability to tilt twice, for example a driveway that you want to grade away from a house at 4% slope but you also want to have the driveway tilt and drain to one side at 2% slope. With Rotary Laser Levels that do Grade Match, the user will have to do the math his or herself and then tilt the laser to match.

Rotary Laser Levels with Grade Entry

Rotary Laser Levels that allow the user to enter the desired grade (for example 2.5%) directly into the lasers control panel. This is a feature that adds extra cost to the product but if needed can be very useful. Please note that the Auto-Level feature disables itself if you are out of level and are doing a grade function.

Manual Leveling Rotary Laser Levels

These are Laser Levels that the user must manually level using thumb-screws and bubble vials. While very good accuracy can be achieved, manual leveled lasers do not have the as great of accuracy as a self-leveling model (some manufacturers call it "Auto-Leveling" and some call it "Self-Leveling" which are two ways to say it). Also, the user has to be careful not to bump the tripod as this can cause inaccurate readings and you not know it, while a self-leveling laser level will continually auto-level itself. However, most auto-leveling laser levels do have a threshold or range that they can maintain auto-leveling themselves and that's about 5% up or down. Any bump or movement caused to an auto-leveling laser level that's greater than about 5% will cause the laser to blink or shut off alerting the user its no longer able to auto-level itself. Also, one needs to be aware that manually leveling a laser takes more time than a auto-leveling laser, and time is money. Keep in mind that scope type transit levels (no laser) are leveled manually and very good accuracy can be achieved manually leveling an instrument. If you're still trying to decide if a manually leveling instrument is for you, it just depends on how much you use the tool, the actual task at hand, the range or distance of your work from the instrument, and how many set-ups you plan to do during a work day.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a rotary laser level?

A rotating laser level spins a beam of light at a fast enough rate to create the illusion of a 360-degree plane, which can be either horizontal or vertical. But it shouldn’t be confused with a laser measuring tool, which is used to define space and distance between different objects.

What is a 360 laser level?

You can use a rotary laser level kit to create a 360-degree level reference along a horizontal or vertical plane, and most of them will self-level. Some units will also let you know if it has been thrown out of alignment, which is often called a “height alert” feature.

Should I get a rotary laser level with a red or green beam?

A rotary laser level kit with a green beam will be more visible, but it will be more expensive than a red-beam laser level. This is because red-beam laser diodes are easier to make and are more widely available. If you want to find the best rotary laser level for your specific needs, be sure to look at what we have at Engineer Supply.

How safe is a rotary laser level?

While there’s only a small amount of power coming out of the beam, it’s concentrated enough to cause eye damage. That’s why you should never stare directly into the beam. And if you’re wearing tinted glasses to increase the beam’s intensity, you should know that it won’t protect your eyes from direct exposure. You should never try to repair or disassemble the tool, because it can cause serious injury. You don’t want to point the laser beam where it can make contact with a vehicle with a driver, people, or pets. And you should never let children play with lasers of any kind.

Where can I find the best rotary laser level?

If you want to find a rotary laser level that you can use on the job site, Engineer Supply has a variety of tools from top-rated manufacturers. If you’re ready to purchase the perfect rotary laser level kit for your specific needs, be sure to browse through our inventory.
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