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The Artograph Company was founded in 1947 based on ideas of their founder which were for improving on existing methods of sizing and visualizing an art image. Since then, Artograph has continued to expand its product line with one governing philosophy to design "Products for the Creative Mind." Artograph makes your job as an artist easier, helping you to get to the joy of making art. Artograph projectors are uniquely designed to effectively project an image of a pattern, design, or photograph for visualizing and accurately tracing. Artograph products are backed by more than 50 years of manufacturing expertise, and a long-held reputation both for quality, and for responsiveness to customer needs. EngineerSupply is a Factory Authorized Artograph Dealer.

Artograph makes products for the artist, crafter, designer or anyone with a creative mind and a need for helpful products when it comes to needing a tracing projector, light boxes, photography boxes, and spray booths. Artograph Art Light Boxes and Digital Art Projectors are made with ease-of-use and quality in mind. Artograph Art Projectors are made for the professional user and are made in conventional type bulb types as well as LED Art Projectors are very bright and long-lasting. Artograph also makes high-quality spray booths and photography boxes.

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