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Surveying Tripods

We carry and sell high-quality tripods for land surveying and construction. Our tripods provide sturdy support for precision land surveying instruments such as total stations, robotics, laser levels, theodolites and transit levels. We have a large selection of Professional Style Tripods to choose from. Tripods that we have are Wood, Fiberglass, Composite, Aluminum, and Wood-fiberglass combination. If you're looking for a Robotics Tripod or Total Station Tripod, look for strength. If you're a building contractor with light occasional to daily use, look at our aluminum tripods. If you're back packing or need extreme duty and less weight, look at our Dutch Hill line of composite tripods. Additionally, you can use the buying guide below to learn more about tripods and how the materials they are made of affect their use and accuracy.

Wood Tripods - Of all materials, wood is the most stable and less susceptible to expansion when exposed to the warming effects of the sun. Wooden tripods also have excellent vibration damping characteristics.

Aluminum Tripods - Aluminum is completely resistant to conditions of high humidity. Aluminum tripods are also light-weight, providing convenience when setups are often changed. Being a metal, aluminum can expand and contract through temperature changes. To maintain accuracy aluminum tripods should only be used for setups of short duration such as no longer than one to two hours.

Fiberglass Tripods - Fiberglass is resistant to the elements and provides a long lasting tripod. As a tripod, fiberglass material remains flexible and can deform over a very long setup time. Fiberglass Tripods seem to be more of an all-around, very strong tripod that can work for most tasks.
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You're at the right place if you're looking for Land Surveyors Tripods, Robotics Tripods, Backsight Tripods, or Builders Tripods, with brands like SitePro, Crain, Seco, GPS, GNSS, Bosch, or Dutch Hill. Maybe you crushed the tripod you had, or maybe your tripod was stolen off the job site. Or better yet, you have hired more help and the new crew needs another tripod or two. Either way, we have you covered with high-quality and sturdy tripods for use with levels, transits, theodolites, and total stations.
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