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Drafting Kits

These hand-drafting supply kits come with everything you need to get started with manual drafting, such as T-Squares, Triangles, and Scales. These kits also are handy as a back-up means to convey your ideas and designs to clients when away from the office and cad station. Many professionals carry a Drafting Kit along in their briefcase to meetings just for this purpose. These drafting kits work great for students in a drafting classroom setting. These kits are a great place to start for any drafting student or artist, as well as make handy solutions for professionals that need a well-rounded kit without the need for a large drafting table or a large set of drafting tools to carry around.
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Drafting Kits come in various size boards, and include various types of drafting tools. Student Drafting Kits are usually geared towards learning the basics of drafting techniques and include the essential drafting tools needed. Other more specialized drafting kits come in varieties for Architects, Engineers, or Mechanical type of drawing and drafting tools. Some professionals that have CAD software still enjoy having a basic drafting kit with them for handling quick sketches for ideas, or when meeting with a client where it can sometimes be more practical to hand-draw ideas and plans, or to modify existing plans in the field.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the drafting tools and their uses?

There are many types of drafting tools that can be used for either measuring or drawing. This can include a variety of pens, pencils, rulers, compasses, and protractors. Some of the drafting supplies include but may not be limited to:
  • Stencils — A template that can be used to draw letters or shapes by placing it on the paper and coloring it in.
  • Rulers — A tool that can be used to measure and draw straight lines. And it’s being used in carpentry, masonry, and many other professions.
  • rotractors — A tool that can be used to measure angles, but it has also been used by sailors for navigation.
  • Calipers — A tool that can be used to measure certain objects, and they can come in many forms. One of them is the vernier scale, which can be used to take very precise measurements.
  • Drawing Compass — A tool that can be used to draw circles on a particular surface, but it can also be used for other purposes.
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What are the different types of drafting?

Some of the types of drafters include but may not be limited to:
  • Civil Drafters — They make drawings that are used for infrastructure projects (such as bridges, pipelines, highways, and sewer systems).
  • Mechanical Drafters — They make drawings that are used to build certain mechanical products (such as automobile parts and machines).
  • Architectural Drafters — They make drawings that are used for construction projects (such as homes, school buildings, and factories).
  • Aeronautical Drafters — They make drawings that are used to build airplanes, helicopters, and other airborne vehicles.
  • Marine Drafters — They make drawings that are used to build ships, yachts, and other marine structures.
  • Electrical Drafters — They work with engineers to make drawings and diagrams that are used for the electrical wiring of power plants, telecommunication centers, and buildings.
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What types of drafting supplies do architecture students need?

Some of the drafting tools that architecture students need include but may not be limited to:
  • Messenger Bag — For storing pens, papers, scrapbooks, and electronic devices.
  • Erasable Sketching Pens — Will allow you to erase any stray markings, so you can make quality sketches more quickly.
  • Sharpies — Can be used to enhance lines that aren’t coming out as clearly as they need to be.
  • X-ACTO Basic Knife Set — Can be used to make a clean edge to every wall in you scale model without cutting your fingers.
  • Sketchpad — Used to make sketches and other drawings you need for various projects.
  • Scale Ruler — Will let you draw accurate plans that are to scale.
  • Stainless Steel Ruler — Used to cut paper or make models, so you can have a clean edge.
  • Cutting Mat — Allows you to cut model-making materials without cutting into the table.
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What's the difference between a drafter and an architect?

Both drafters and architects can work on a construction project, and they may even work together. They do, however, have different sets of duties. They also require a different set of skills and educational backgrounds. Architects design and build structures (such as schools, homes, office buildings, rooms, and complexes). They have to make sure that these structures are safe, and they’re responsible for their overall aesthetics. They also need to make every structure they design both functional and economical.

Drafters do some of the same things as an architect, but their job can be used in many other areas besides construction and architecture. Drafters can be used to design circuitry plans or mechanical designs, which will include any technical details and specifications. The type of work that a drafter does will depend on his or her area of expertise. Architectural drafters focus on residential or commercial buildings, while civil drafters will prepare drawings for the construction of highways and bridges.

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