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Measuring Wheels

Accurate measurements for long distances

Shop today for the best measuring wheels which are time-saving tools that also increase your accuracy on various jobs.

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The Keson RR182

Measuring wheel has exceptional stability thanks to its double-wheel design. Easily reset the five-digit easy-read counter with a patented button you can operate with your foot. The adjustable-length handle makes storage a breeze whether you use a small toolbox or a large carrying case. This measuring wheel is ideal for indoor use and can measure just under 10,000 inches without a counter reset.

Keson’s RR112

Measuring wheel delivers quality and reliability in an easy-to-use, lightweight package. Weighing less than two pounds, the RR112 allows for stress-free operation and is popular with everyone from police officers to homeowners. This wheel measuring tape can measure just under 10,000 inches and is manufactured in the USA.

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This document basically describes the applications that are most appropriate for a particular size of distance measuring wheel. In a nutshell, the rougher the surface, the larger the measuring wheel should be to give the most accurate estimate. The key word is estimate, as a measuring wheel is an estimating device. It makes no pretense at being a precision measuring instrument. Though, under IDEAL conditions, measuring wheels can be accurate to within 3 inches per 100 feet, that's +/- .2 %. Ideal conditions are described as perfectly flat, perfectly smooth, and perfectly straight and a person that does a very good job at rolling in a straight line. But real world conditions are far from ideal! Variables in surface regularity will have an effect on accuracy. Deviations from a straight line will also affect accuracy. As these variables are out of our control, we cannot guarantee accuracy in any real world conditions. Measuring on carpet can be inconsistent as the directional nap of the carpet will affect the reading. Best advice for measuring on carpet is to measure at least once going in each direction. Otherwise, small wheels such as 4 and 6 inch diameter models are intended to be used on hard smooth surfaces, typically indoors. Some people use these small wheels outdoors, but they are compromising accuracy when used in grass or dirt. The smallest wheel recommended for lawn type measuring is the 10 inch diameter. As previously mentioned, rougher conditions require a larger diameter wheel to deliver a reasonably accurate estimate. The largest 25 inch diameter is intended for use in uneven field conditions. Just use common sense when selecting a measuring wheel by thinking about what you will be measuring and how you plan to work. Also, units of measure are another feature to consider. There are basically two types of distance measuring wheels: mechanical and electronic. The mechanical ones typically have a single unit of measure (for example feet/inches or feet/tenths, but not both) and do not use batteries at all. The electronic wheels tend to have multiple units of measure and many will do feet, tenths, metric, yards, and inches, but remember electronic ones do require batteries and can leave you stranded in the field unless you have extra batteries with you.


Measuring Wheels are great tools for the Appraiser, Estimator, Engineer, Architect, Contractor, Surveyor, Banker, Realtor, and anyone that is interested in measuring large distances in a short period of time.

Measuring wheels are easy-to-use tools for gauging long distances in a hurry. Also known as footage wheels or distance-measuring wheels, these devices are useful for determining lot sizes, carpet estimates, fertilizer calculations, utility contracting, and other tasks that require efficient and accurate long-distance measurements. Simply place the wheel at the point at which you want to start your measurement and roll it to the stopping point. The counter on measuring wheels will provide a precise and reliable numerical measurement of the distance between the two points.

Wheel measuring tapes come in various sizes and are available with metric units, imperial units, or both. Small wheels are ideal for measuring indoor distances on smooth surfaces while larger wheels make the most sense for outdoor use on rough terrain. Our professional-grade measuring wheels have multiple applications and come with mechanical or battery-powered counters. Mechanical wheels do not require batteries and provide a straightforward option for those who prefer to use a single unit of measurement. Digital measuring wheels allow you to switch back and forth between metric and imperial units whenever your project requires it. Engineer Supply strives to provide high-quality, dependable measuring wheels that give you accurate readings in any conditions.

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