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Measuring Wheels

Reliable construction lasers for any job

Shop today for the best construction laser levels which are time-saving tools that also increase your accuracy on various jobs.

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The Keson RR182

Measuring wheel has exceptional stability thanks to its double-wheel design. Easily reset the five-digit easy-read counter with a patented button you can operate with your foot. The adjustable-length handle makes storage a breeze whether you use a small toolbox or a large carrying case. This measuring wheel is ideal for indoor use and can measure just under 10,000 inches without a counter reset.

Keson’s RR112

Measuring wheel delivers quality and reliability in an easy-to-use, lightweight package. Weighing less than two pounds, the RR112 allows for stress-free operation and is popular with everyone from police officers to homeowners. This wheel measuring tape can measure just under 10,000 inches and is manufactured in the USA.

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Whether you’re using it to build a home or lay concrete, this laser level pointer can handle the harshest conditions. So, it can give you accurate measurements for a lot longer than many other products on the market. We work with the best manufacturers, and all of them have been proven to last in the most extreme circumstances. We know you’ll be happy with what we have in our inventory, and we know that you’ll use us as your supplier of plumb lasers and other measuring tools. Feel free to browse through our broad selection of products. We’re confident that you’ll be able to find the perfect plumb laser for your specific needs.


With a simple point-and-measure design, a plumb laser can give you accurate results quickly. And because we carry products from top-rated manufacturers, you can be sure to get a quality construction laser pointer that will give you what you need. No matter what type of laser level pointer you need, Engineering Supply has you covered. Anyone from surveyors and construction workers to concrete experts can use one of our laser levelers to get accurate measurements with little to no hassle. And once you look at what we have in our inventory, we’re sure that you’ll be happy with the results.

Because there’s such a broad selection of construction lasers, it can hard to find the right one to purchase. Even researching different models is more than most people want to deal with, or they just don’t have the time to spend. Construction lasers can be used in a number of applications where the accurate measurement of an area’s layout is required. These can include but may not be limited to:

  • Installing ceiling tiles.
  • Installing chair railings in a dining room.
  • Installing receptacles for power inside a home that’s under construction.
Even for small jobs (such as hanging pictures in a level fashion across a living room), a plumb laser can come in handy. But it can also be used to install a sewer pipe or handling a site grading plan for a new building. Some other applications of laser levels include:
  • Aligning and plumbing your walls.
  • Leveling floors.
  • Installing a drop ceiling.
  • Checking door or window heights.
  • Aligning shelves, cabinets, and trim.
They can also be used for surveying outdoor areas, which can be handy in the following applications:
  • Masonry alignment.
  • Site layout.
  • Checking land elevations.
  • Aligning fences, posts, and decks.
  • Establishing grades.
Be sure to browse through our broad selection. We’re sure you can find a laser level pointer that’s right for you!

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