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How to Use a Measuring Wheel

Blog how to use a measuring wheel
Looking for a convenient way to measure a distance? Measuring tapes often aren’t long enough or require two individuals to accurately measure long distances. Measuring wheels are an effective alternative to easily pace out a distance. Explore different types of wheels, how to use one and answers to common questions about these convenient tools. Blog how to use a measuring wheel

Types of Measuring Wheels

There are many different options to choose from, so it’s important to shop around and select the wheel that fits your project. These devices are most commonly used in surveying, but they can also be used in site planning, construction and event planning. Here are the most common types of wheels available:
  • Electronic wheels
  • Small, medium and large wheels
  • Paint marking wheels
  • Twin-wheel models
  • Metric wheels
There are two main differences between these types of wheels: the distance they are capable of measuring and the convenience of use. Electronic wheels offer a convenient reading that can cover a large distance, while twin-wheel models are easier to walk with due to the additional support.
Select a metric wheel or paint marking option for unique projects. Paint marking wheels make it easy to mark out set measurements as you walk. If you need to pace out 100 feet, put a mark every 20 feet to make it easy to retrace your line. Metric wheels avoid the task of calculating your measuring into metric. This saves time and hassle if you’re working in the metric system on a surveying or building project. Some electronic wheels offer both metric and standard capabilities, so be sure you’re measuring correctly before you begin.

How To Use One

Before you use a distance measuring wheel, be sure you have a clear walkway. Any obstacles that require you to walk around them will affect the accuracy of your reading. Once you have a clear path, all you have to do is walk in a straight path.
Always check the manual before using a wheel. Some require certain steps to clear the old reading, while others have a simple button. If you choose a small measuring wheel, check the maximum distance before use. You may need to shop for a larger wheel to ensure an accurate measurement of a large distance. Start at the exact point where you wish to measure. Check that your wheel is cleared of any prior measurements. Walk at a steady pace as you use your measuring wheel. An erratic or rapid pace can affect the accuracy of the measurement. Once you reach the end of your point, pick the wheel straight up or read it while the wheel is still in place. Excessive movement could cause it to read additional inches or centimeters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Blog how to use a measuring wheel

What Is a Measuring Wheel Used For?

These convenient devices can easily trace out the exact distance of travel. Instead of rolling out a large tape measure or approximating a distance for a construction site or surveying task, simply roll a measuring wheel in a straight line to achieve an accurate measurement.

Can I Measure Without a Wheel?

Measuring without a wheel is a time-consuming task. You’ll either need to run a long tape measure across the distance or approximate the distance using a homemade device. A bicycle tire and tape measure can give you an approximate distance. Measure the distance the tire travels in one rotation, then count the number of rotations.

What Does a Measuring Wheel Measure in?

others in both. Find out the type of measurement you’re taking before you start to avoid any confusion about the result. Shop for a metric or standard wheel to avoid altering your calculations.

How Do You Measure Square Footage With a Measuring Wheel?

Measuring wheels can be used to measure square footage by taking the length and width of an area. Simply roll out both directions and multiple them. If you aren’t sure the area is perfectly square, you may want to take multiple length and width measurements to ensure accuracy.

Where Can I Find a Measuring Wheel?

Whether you need a paint marking wheel or a digital measuring wheel, Shop for wheels online at Engineer Supply. Select the category or shop by brand to enjoy a high-quality wheel that fits your project. Don’t settle for anything but the best in terms of price and performance.
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