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Steel Flat Files

The ultimate in large document storage, steel flat file cabinets provide users with a lifetime of quality protection for flat documents. Metal flat file cabinets offer flat storage of large documents such as maps, blueprints, art storage, construction documents, building plans, x-rays, survey plats, posters, topographical maps, and more. Mayline Steel Flat Files and Safco Flat Files both are extremely durable and provide protection for your large documents. For the ultimate in blueprint storage solutions and archival, you should consider the time and money your organization has invested in producing those documents. Once you do, you realize that these storage solutions become very attractive more as an investment in the time spent producing your documents. Mayline storage cabinet line of C-Files and Safcos Metal Flat Files are built to last with excellent materials and limited lifetime warranty.

All products are factory fresh and new, and are packaged well for safe and reliable delivery. Lift-gate truck delivery is available if you do not have a loading dock, and inside delivery is available if you would like the cabinets delivered just inside the most logical door. Otherwise you would be responsible for unloading which many customers do as it depends on if you have the resources to unload or not. EngineerSupply is an authorized dealer of all brands we carry and sell. In business since 1999, we are able to get large cabinets shipped on time and safely to your location. For very large projects, contact us before placing an order and we can usually quote lower prices. Since we are a Premier Authorized Dealer for Safco and Mayline, we are able to get the best prices and shipping cost and we pass this along to you the customer.
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We have a large variety of various sizes of flat file drawers made by Safco, Mayline, and Studio Designs. Steel Flat Files are basically metal cabinets with very wide and deep drawers designed for the main purpose of storing almost any large flat document such as construction drawings, blueprints, x-rays, artwork, and so on. Safco Flat File Drawers are the most popular selling and widely used. Some flat file models can be stacked as tall as three cabinets. Optional bases can be used to raise a flat file cabinet off of the floor and come in two types, one base being a 4 inch riser and the other a 20 inch stand, either base works well to elevate the cabinets making them easier to access and use. The 4 inch base is generally used underneath two flat file cabinets stacked on top of one another, while the 20 inch stand is generally used with only a single cabinet. Safco also makes various folders which help organize and protect your documents while stored in the drawers.
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