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Specialized Measuring Tools

Fulfills specialized needs for more specialized applications

Our measuring tools come in a variety of models that can be useful in a number of applications, and they’re easy to use. We have tools that can measure both horizontal and vertical distances (even diameters).

Specialized Measuring Tool Features

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Area Measuring Tools

You can use a planimeter to measure the distance of two points on a plan or blueprint. It can calculate the area of any shape that has a closed loop on which to travel, and it’s easy to use. It calculates distance based on the movement of a wheel or arm attached to the device. Just set the scale and trace the perimeter of the object you want to measure. Digital planimeters have no length limits, and they can be used to calculate averages as well as for adding and subtracting. You can even adjust the scale according to your specific needs.

Direct Reading Cut

While measuring rod rulers, grade rods, and level rods look similar, they all have their own specific functions. The difference in how they measure. While level rods are great for taking “cut and fill” measurements, the Crain One Shot can complement these measuring tools by calculating changes in elevation that are greater than four feet. With the Crain One Shot, there’s no need for math so you can get accurate results quickly. No math means no mistakes, which is why the Crain One Shot is a great tool for making these types of calculations. You can even attach a laser guide to the device by using a simple clamping tool, which can help you while you’re surveying a job site.

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With Laser Distance Measuring Tools, one can achieve more accurate measurement readings especially at extended lengths and in a shorter period of time. The longer that a measuring tape measure is extended, the harder it is to get an accurate measurement. You have to worry about slack in the line or applying too much tension on the tape and stretching or possibly even breaking it. You have to line up the marks directly with the starting point. Even temperature can affect your measurement when using traditional measuring tapes. Laser distance measuring tapes are one of the fastest and most accurate ways to collect measurements, especially if you have multiple measurements to take during the same job or day.


Every tool in your arsenal is meant for a specific function, which is why we have a broad range of measuring devices. Whether you need to measure a tight space or a very large area, we can find something that will get the job done. We even have tools that can measure the diameter of pipes and any other cylindrical object or space. But regardless of the type of tool that your job requires, we guarantee that it will save you time.

If you want to get ahead of the competition, every inch counts. You have to make accurate measurements quickly, because you could lose potential business. You need more specialized measuring tools that can give you the right information without spending hours on the job site, and there are many available measuring instruments that are better suited for certain situations. If you’re in the market for more specialized measuring devices, Engineering supply has you covered. Whether it’s a Keson measuring wheel or a Leica laser distance measuring tool, we have what you need. All of the professional-grade measuring instruments that we offer will not only save you time but will also improve your accuracy while you’re measuring or estimating for a job. We have an extensive product line, which includes:

  • Calipers
  • Measuring wheels
  • Inclinometers
  • Professional measuring tapes
  • Micrometers
  • Laser distance measuring tools
  • Rolling plan measures
  • Builder’s levels
  • Planimeters
  • Slope measuring tools
  • Blueprint measuring rollers
  • Sonic measuring tools

Engineering Supply is an authorized dealer of quality measuring instruments by many top-rated manufactures, so we’re confident that you’ll be happy with what we have to offer.

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