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Simple measuring for horizontal and vertical distances

Measuring Rod Rulers

A measuring rod can be used for both horizontal and vertical distances. And because of its telescopic design, you will be able to adjust it according to your needs. If you need to use it to measure elevation or elevation grade, you can attach a laser so you can get more accurate measurements without the need for math.
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Measuring Rod Rulers Features

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Using a height scale

The height scale on a SECO Leveling Rod is based on a telescopic design, which has several sections that can be raised in a top-down fashion until the desired height is raised. This mechanism is used to measure the vertical distance of a space. You want to raise the top section first. Then, continue to raise subsequent sections until the rod makes contact with the other end. Make sure you keep your hand on the rod as you raise it, because it will keep it in place. Once it has made contact with the other side of the area you want to measure. Look at the ruler to determine the distance between the two points.

Direct Elevation Rod Usage

The SECO Direct Elevation Rod is based on a system that has been around for more than 60 years, which doesn’t involve any math. They’re meant to be used with an optical device, and a laser can be attached so you can get more accurate readings. This type of measuring rod has two locks — one for the tape face and another for extending the rod. Because you can measure the elevation from a direct reading, there’s no need for math. With some simple adjustments, you can measure elevation. And with some simple arithmetic, you can measure the difference in elevation. This tried-and-true method of rod measurement can be used to determine the elevation grades of any area or job site.

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When you’re surveying a job site, you want to have the right tools at your disposal. Rod measurement is an important way to determine vertical distance and elevation grade. You can even use it for horizontal measurements in certain situations. And by attaching a laser detector to the rod, you can use it as a level — especially if you’re measuring the area for a foundation that will be constructed later. A measuring stick is a handy tool that can come in a few different styles. So no matter what type of job you need to survey, this kind of tool should be in your tool box.


Despite its simplicity of design, a measuring rod can be used for determining both distance and elevation grade. With a telescopic design, it can be adjusted to fit any type of height, and its ruler-like measuring system makes it easy to use. While some rods are strictly for measuring height, others can also be used as levelers. Some models can even be used to measure the elevation grade of the ground, which can be helpful in the construction of a property foundation. No matter what type of job site you need to survey, rod measurement is considered to be an important part of the process.

Also known as “measuring poles” or “height sticks,” measuring rod rulers are handy tools that come in a few different styles. Some of them can survey elevation grade by using a dual-purpose feature that’s built into the measuring rod, while others are meant to be used as measuring rulers with no grade or level rod capabilities. A common use for this type of device is to measure bridges and overhead utility lines, so wide load truck haulers can see if their vehicle will be able to pass through.

Some grade or level rods have a measuring stick on the back, which is an added feature that could come in handy (especially if you’re looking for both types of rod measurement). Many times, surveyors can reduce the need for measuring tape if they have one of these measuring rulers with them. Not only can then be used for vertical measurements, but they can also be used horizontally.

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