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Laser Levels

Laser levels are just what you need to get the job done -- stop wasting time and money on low-tech measuring tools that don’t take precise measurements and can’t withstand the wear and tear of regular use. Our durable laser levels are built to last, providing accurate, professional-grade measurements from first use to last.

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The Best Laser Levels on the Market Never Let You Down

Rotary laser levels produce a 360-degree line around a given space. Some models are for indoor use only, and some models can handle both indoor and outdoor use. Rotary laser levels have a greater range than line generators and are more ideal for large outdoor worksites.

Line laser levels, also known as "line generators", are used primarily for single-site interior work on walls or ceilings.

Plumb lasers, or “dot lasers,” produce a solid reference dot on the wall or work surface. These are typically used to level objects that do not require the production of a line.

Pipe Lasers are used to align pipe and assist in setting grade. They produce a single dot towards the front of the laser and usually include brackets and hardware to clamp onto pipes or manholes for alignment purposes.

Laser Detectors (aka Laser Receiver) are used to detect a laser level’s beam when the human eye cannot. Typically used outdoors, laser detectors are usually attached to a grade rod.

Machine Control Laser Detectors are mounted to heavy equipment such a skid-steers, trackhoes, or bulldozers. They are much larger than typical laser detectors, creating a laser beam that is easier to detect during the movement of heavy equipment.

Machine Control Systems are used to monitor the elevation of various point on heavy equipment. They are mostly used for grading excavation jobs where speed and accuracy are paramount.

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