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Drafting T-Squares

We carry a variety of Professional-Grade Drafting T-Squares made for daily use by anyone in the art or design field. Our T-Squares work well in a professional environment as well as in schools that teach manual drafting. A T-Square works great if you're in a hurry and need to produce a drawing or idea. With the ability to draw a straight line and then another line perpendicular to that line is a great benefit when getting your ideas down on paper. Drafting Triangles can be used to lay along the top edge of a T-Square in order to draw vertical or angled lines. T-Squares are also great when on the road carried in a briefcase. Many think that the use of T-Squares was going away with the advent of computer aided drafting (CAD) but T-Squares still remain in the workplace and in drafting schools. Learning manual drafting with T-Squares, Triangles, and other drafting tools such as a drafting compass, dividers, erasing shields, and scales make for a great foundation when a student begins learning CAD. We also have the teachers chalkboard version of drafting tools which are a great teaching aid in a drafting classroom. Some T Squares we sell work well for crafts and art work.
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