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Drafting Equipment

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Shop today for the best drafting equipment, tools, or supplies. EngineerSupply supplies professionals with the commercial grade drafting products you need to get the job done that are known for quality and reliability.

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Drafting Tools 101

Before you shop for the perfect drafting equipment, make sure you understand the essentials of the trade and the full range of technology available to you. Drawing by hand is the preferred technique of many architects and drafting professionals because it engages the mind and allows your creativity to run wild. Engineer Supply is a leading authorized dealer of products from Alvin Drafting, one of the most trusted names throughout the industry.

Drafting Supplies

Architects who shop for Alvin Drafting tools and technologies at Engineer Supply often tell us they feel like a kid in a candy store! Architecture is all about bringing your creative vision to life, and it’s impossible to realize the full extent of your potential without the best tools at your disposal! Whether you’re experienced in designing by hand or are just beginning to learn the tricks of the trade, Engineer Supply and Alvin Drafting work together to make your projects exciting, fulfilling, and successful!

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Drafting software may be flashy and cutting-edge, but the core principles of quality architecture and design have held true for centuries. Each year, new software emerges promises to make the drafting process easier and faster, but it comes with high technological costs. Hand-drawn designing are still the most efficient and effective way for many architects and drafters to do their best work. Drafting by hand with architectural supplies is the common-sense, fiscally responsible, and quality-oriented solution for designers and drafters of all ages and ability levels.

Drafting Equipment You Can Trust

A career in architecture brings a lifetime of opportunity to express your creativity and make a positive impact on the communities around you. Make sure you invest in quality equipment you can rely on throughout your career and that will stay dependable even as the architectural landscape shifts around you. Our triangular scales, drafting tables, template sets, and much more are the product of industry experts who have quality and durability in mind above all else.

How to Use Planimeters with Drawing Scales

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We offer drafting products that stand the test of time, like drafting equipment by Alvin, a well-known industry leader. Our product line includes portable drawing boards, blueprint measuring tools, student drawing boards, drawing reference tables, professional drafting tables, drafting kits, drafting table lamps, drafting machines, drafting chairs, drafting stools, drafting triangles, t-squares, drawing board covers, drafting table covers, drafting paper, drafting tape, electric erasers for drafting, parallel straightedges for drafting and art, digital tracing projectors, blueprint reference tables, drawing stands and more. We have a variety of professional-grade drafting supplies, drafting tools, and drafting equipment. We represent the most well-known brands of drafting supplies and equipment in the industry and are authorized dealers for all brands that we represent. Discount Drafting Supplies and Equipment.

The best drafting equipment is a must for the most innovative and creative architects. Work with confidence that your equipment will stand the test of time when you choose high-quality, reliable and affordable drafting tools from Engineer Supply. Whether you’re in search of tables, lamps, templates, or other essential items, our inventory comes from industry leaders and is designed specifically to help architects and drafters complete their projects accurately and efficiently.

Browse our wide variety of drafting supplies from the most well-known brands in the industry that are known for their quality and reliability. EngineerSupply is an authorized dealer of Drafting Tools and Supplies Alvin, Calculated Industries, Martin Universal Design, Mayline, Safco, Alumicolor, Scalex, and Dieztgen Paper. When you think of Drafting Supplies for Sale or a place to buy Drafting Tools and Supplies, think of us, our professional drafting tools and supplies, and our large selection to choose from.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are drafting supplies?

The drafting supplies consist of drawing equipment, materials, and tools used by architects and engineers. Find great prices at Engineer Supply on vellum paper, drawing boards, architectural templates, drafting kits, pencils, drafting board covers and more drafting equipment.

What kind of paper is used for drafting?

A variety of large-format printing paper that can be used in corporate offices, engineering firms, architectural companies, and educational facilities. There are many styles and models available at Engineer Supply so you can be sure to find a product that will meet your needs. All of our paper is professional-grade, so you can be sure to get the quality you would expect from Alvin and many other top-name brands. Some of the paper that we carry include but may not be limited to:

What are the different drafting tools?

Drafting tools are instruments that can be used for measurement and layout of drawings or to improve consistency and the speed for creating standard drawing elements.

What are the materials used in mechanical drafting?

The Mechanical Drawing Tools commonly used in mechanical drawings such as dividers, drawing boards, pencils, scales, triangles and t-squares.

What is the difference between design and drafting?

When it comes to engineering and architecture, design and drafting are a staple in those industries. Design is the initial phase of the project of any architectural endeavor which consists mostly of planning, whereas, the drafting phase is the process in which the ideas come alive in the form of shapes and structures.

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