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Modern Drafting Tables: Buying Gude

Blog Modern Drafting Table From inspirational paintings to the latest innovative architectural designs, a quality drafting table is key to successful work. If you’re considering upgrading your classic table or creating a new workspace, find out how you can select a practical table to draft your next project on. Here’s a few considerations that will help you select the ideal table for all your drafting and design needs.

Select a Size

blog modern drafting table First, it’s important to determine your size limitations. Modern drafting tables can vary dramatically in size, so you may find yourself with a table far too large for your efficient office space. Be sure to measure the entire footprint and table top to determine how you can practically use your new table. Some drafting tables fold up easily to take up less space or are even portable. Portable drafting tables offer you the flexibility of relocating to your jobsite, but they may not be large enough for the most detailed architectural drawings. Choose a portable option to take your work where you need it, and consider upgrading to a larger, more convenient table for your home office or dedicated workspace. Choose the Perfect Material Drafting tables can come with a wide range of tops. Here are just a few options available with modern drafting tables:
  • Epoxy resin
  • Plastic laminate
  • Wood
  • Steel
  • Melamine
Some materials are chosen based on cost, but even professional drafting tables vary in terms of material. Choose the option that fits your style and creates a comfortable workspace for your drafting. Lightweight materials may not offer the same firm foundation you’re used to, but the most important feature is that your drafting table is comfortable, familiar and able to work easily with your drafting tools.

Four Post or Two Post

Another key factor is your drafting tables architectural design. Whether you’ve chosen a compact table or a more spacious design, you’ll need to choose between a four-post table and a two-post one. A drafting table on four posts is sturdier and typically comes with convenient storage drawers. However, a two-post design is typically more affordable, less intrusive and provides a more modern look.

blog modern drafting table

Go Modern

From a portable drafting table to a spacious design, find the modern drafting table you need to inspire your drawings and create an efficient workspace for your engineering drafts. Shop for modern drafting tables today at Engineer Supply to enjoy the latest brands, modern designs, and affordable prices to create all your sketches and detailed designs.
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