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Schonstedt Magnetic Locators

EngineerSupply is proud to be an Authorized Schonstedt Dealer. We have represented Schonstedt from day one when we started business. The Schonstedt company provides location products for the detection and location of objects below the ground. Their manufacturing process, design, and quality control all equate into one serious tool for us to represent and for you to own and use. Schonstedt makes Magnetic Locators that are mostly used by Professional Land Surveyors, Contractors, Water Works Professionals, and Plumbing Contractors. Schonstedt specializes in instruments that locate objects made with ferrous material, such rebar used for property corners, as cast iron valve boxes, cast iron meter boxes, ductile iron pipe, septic tank lid handles made from rebar, water pipes, and anything that a magnetic will stick to (hence magnetic locator). If you're concerned with the depth at which a magnetic locator will detect objects, it basically boils down to the mass of the object and how deep it is buried underground. The larger the mass and the more shallow depth, the greater the signal. Over time you will develop a sense of knowing just about how deep something is buried as well as how big the object is in mass or size. Schonstedt is the most popular brand and is considered the best magnetic locator on the market by many. Schonstedts Factory Warranty is strong and we stand behind their product and name. If you want to save money, consider buying in volume as we offer volume discounts on all Schonstedt Locators.

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