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Engineering Supply carries professional drafting tape and dots. and whichever one you prefer, Alvin has been a brand that have been trusted by many drafting professionals. Dots are rounded pieces of masking tape that you don’t have to cut or rip off a huge roll. But sometimes, you need to tape a large drawing so it can stay in one place. Feel free to browse through our selection of drafting and artist tape, so you can find a product that will meet your needs.

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Alvin has been a trusted brand for many years because they have been proven to provide quality tools for the professional drafter. Whether you need double-sided tape, artist tape, or drafting tape, you can trust Alvin to give you exactly what you need. And here at Engineering Supply, we’re proud to offer them to our customers. We work with some of the best manufacturers in the business, so you can trust us for all of your needs. Whether you’re an architect, engineer, or professional drafter, you can always count on Engineering Supply to give you quality tools that will boost your efficiency. Feel free to look at what we have in stock, and feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.


If you’re drafting by hand, your drawings need to be clear and precise. So, the most important tool in your arsenal is a straightedge. Not only can they improve quality, but they can also save time. A parallel rule can work in a wide area, and it can help you to draw straighter lines. It can also make it easier to keep consecutive lines parallel. For vertical lines, you can use a triangle to draw both vertical and diagonal lines by placing it on top of a parallel rule. The T-square has been around before the parallel rule, and it can be placed on the edge of any flat surface. The parallel ruling ruler is three tools in one, because you can not only draw straight lines at any angle but can also draw circles and arcs. There are a variety of drawing and drafting tools available. So, feel free to browse through out store to find one that will meet your specific needs.

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Hand-drafting plans has been an established method for drawing blueprints, and it has been used by architects for many years. Even though much of the industry has moved toward digital design software, this method is continuing to be used. Our drafting tables are superior in both quality and design, which is why they’re perfect for any drafting or architectural professional. We also have a number of flexible designs. So whether you want a flat drawing table or one that sits on an incline, we have one that will work for you.


If you work in the architectural industry, you want to stay as productive as possible. So, you need access to tools that will make your workflow easier. Our drafting tables have multiple designs, including accessories that will allow you to make accurate drawings quickly. Whether you need a movable straight-edge for making more precise lines or something that will keep the paper in place as you work, you can be sure to find a drawing table at Engineering Supply.

Drawing plans by hand has been a long-held practice among architects, and it has continued despite the industry's shift to digital systems. Like many writers who swear to the practice of hand-writing first drafts, many architects prefer to draw plans by hand — at least, when they’re in the early stages of designing. A drafting table can give you a flat surface on which to work, but drafting tape can keep the paper secure so you can focus on drawing. There are, of course, a variety tools to choose from — some of which can include:

  • Protractors and angle measures.
  • Rulers, T-squares, yardsticks, and other linear measuring tools.
  • Ruling pens.
  • Proportional dividers, including multi-point dividers.
  • Compasses, including a beam compass.
  • Folding parallel rulers.
  • Glider-style and rolling rulers.
  • Pantographs and other related tools.
No matter what you need, you can find it at Engineering Supply. Feel free to look through our inventory, so you can find the right type of drafting tool for your specific needs.

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