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Novus Brand Paper Staplers, Heavy Duty Staplers that handle many sheets at once, Staplers that work great for stapling blueprint plan sets together, and commercial-grade paper staplers.
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A heavy-duty stapler can be used to bind multiple pages of paper or any similar material by driving a thin metal piece through the sheets, while also folding the ends so it can be kept in place. It’s a widely used piece of equipment that’s considered essential in most offices, homes, and schools. But some staplers can also be used to close surgical wounds. Most of them are used to join pages of paper, and they can be either manual or electric. Manual staplers are usually hand-held, and most of them are used while it’s sitting on a desk or some other surface. Electric staplers can come in a variety of designs, and their primary purpose is to join a large number of pages together in rapid succession.

A heavy-duty stapler is often used in work environments where these types of repetitive tasks are common. You can also find an industrial stapler that may have a purpose other than to bind pages together, but the use of a heavy-duty stapler continues to evolve and adapt to the changing habits of people who use them. Some models are easier to squeeze, so less force is needed to get the job done. Some of them also use Flat Clinch technology, where the staple legs pierce the paper and are pressed flat against the paper. This does away with the two-setting anvil configuration, which uses a recessed stapling base that folds the legs.

If you’re looking for the best stapler to use in your home or office, be sure to look at what we have at Engineer Supply. We have a broad selection of tools and supplies that are perfect for the architectural or engineering professional. Feel free to browse through our inventory, so you can find an industrial stapler that will meet your specific needs.
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