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Drafting Lamps

A high-quality drafting lamp will illuminate your work while reducing eye strain and increasing productivity. We have a wide variety of articulating arm drafting table lamps, and clamping drafting table lights to choose from. We have everything from commercial grade to discount drafting lamps, to models that fall in-between in terms of price and quality. Most models of drafting lights are made to mount directly to a drafting desk, table or solid surface. Some models have fluorescent bulbs, while others are regular incandescent bulb or super bright LED bulbs, and some have a combination of lamps and magnifying lens depending on your needs. We have LED Drafting Lights, traditional drafting lights, as well as drafting lights with magnifying lens. We have the best Drafting Lamps made by Alvin and Studio Designs which both have been making drafting lights for more than 20 years. EngineerSupply is both a factory authorized Alvin dealer and Studio Designs dealer.
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We have the best Drafting Lamps and Drafting Lights currently on the market today. What we recommend are the new LED Drafting Lamps since they produce the brightest light, run cool, and use the least electricity. However, if you want a traditional glow and not super bright then you may consider a traditional incandescent bulb type drafting lamp. Other considerations are the clamp type, the arm length and color of the drafting lamp. The color is not as important but it does help if it is pleasing to the eye and matches your office decor. Additionally, if you're an educator and looking to buy drafting lamps for your entire classroom, let us know before placing an order and we will build a quote to help you save money.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Best Lighting for Drawing?

Compare the CRI rating of bulbs to find the best option for drafting. Typically, you’ll want at least 80 or higher. Many professionals use 90 or higher. Another key feature of lighting is an adjustable lamp to avoid shadows, glare and other issues that may arise with lighting that doesn’t adjust.

How Do Drafting Lamps Help Artists?

A drafting lamp is a very useful item to have as an artist or designer. These specialized lamps use either fluorescent, halogen or LED light bulbs and have incredibly adjustable arms. Swing arms enable you to adjust your lighting to play with shadows or see the true colors on your medium.

Does a Drafting Lamp Need To Have a Swing Arm?

Without a swing arm, it may be difficult to keep the light exactly where you need it. A swing arm lamp adjusts for left-handed or right-handed artists and designers and can be adjusted as you move around the table. While it’s not strictly necessary, it’s very helpful regardless of the amount of light in your room.

Can a Drafting Table Lamp Be Attached To a Table Top?

Swing arm lamps are designed to attached directly to your drafting table. However, there are other lamps that don’t include mounting hardware and simply rest on a table top. If you have an adjustable drafting table, it’s important to choose a lamp that directly mounts to it.

Should You Use a Fluorescent Bulb in an Artist Lamp?

The best bulb for artists depends more on the color temperature and brightness than the style of bulb. Typically, fluorescent bulbs are more popular than halogen. LED bulbs are the most energy efficient and can be chosen in the ideal temperature range and brightness as well.
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