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Best Drafting Supplies

Best Drafting Supplies

The right supplies can make a world of difference when it comes to finishing a project in a fast and efficient way. Since drafting is an integral process to a variety of professions ranging from architecture to engineering, you want to make sure you have all of the tools and supplies required to get the task completed. No matter what drafting supplies you need, you can bet that a little research will go a long way. Taking the time to look over your options can offer invaluable insight.

From drafting desks to scales, there are several key items to think about in advance. Look at these options and learn more about picking the best fit for your needs.

Drafting Table


A quality drafting table is an integral component for many experts. However, picking the right desk is not always a simple process. You want to be sure to measure your space first, taking note of how much surface area you’ll need from your desk and how much room you have available. Once you’ve got the numbers, you can start looking at drafting table options that fit your personal taste and the size of your space.

Drafting Chair


Drafting usually involves sitting over a desk for long hours while making small adjustments to a very complicated drawing. Obviously, sitting for this long can take a toll on your body. To minimize the pain and get more out of each session, you need to grab a drafting chair that fits your needs. A comfortable and supportive chair is key to your success on each project.

Drafting Tube


Not only do you need to make sure you have quality drafting equipment to help you take on the task of drafting, you also want to be sure you invest in essentials that can protect your finished product. A drafting tube is a device often used to shield papers and documents from nature, the elements, and human error. When transporting blueprints from one place to another, a tube acts as a guarantee that everything will go according to plan.

Drafting Scale


Another key tool involved in the drafting process is the scale. While the tool serves a direct purpose, the scale you select does not need to follow the same design as others. If you’re hoping to bring out a classic aesthetic edge with your tools, opt for one that mimics the era when noteworthy professionals like Frank Lloyd Wright dominated the scene. When you need useful drafting tools, this is a great fit.

Drafting Fan


Taking accurate measurements while drafting is key to ensuring your finished products are of the highest quality. Naturally, your tools play a big part in this process. A drafting fan can be an excellent investment because it provides you with a range of measuring tools that you can use to complete whatever work you have on your plate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

best drafting supplies

How Do I Find the Best Drafting Supplies?

When you’re ready to buy the right drafting supplies for your next project, all you have to do is check out what Engineer Supply has to offer. In no time, you’ll have everything required to complete a job in a fast and efficient way.

What Are Common Drafting Supplies?

Some of the more common supplies involved in the drafting process include scales, tables, pencils, and tubes. While other items are sometimes a part of the equation, these essentials are the cornerstone of the profession.

How Can I Pick a Good Drafting Desk?

The best way to go about selecting a quality desk for drafting is by first measuring the space you’re working with. Next, you need look over design options to select a style that fits your eye and helps you get your work completed.

Is Drafting by Hand Still Common?

Yes! Plenty of professionals prefer drafting by hand instead of taking on the task in a digital way. In fact, the majority of experts in the engineering world draft by mixing a combination of digital and classic methods together.

How Often Should Drafting Supplies Be Replaced?

best drafting supplies

Drafting items don’t need to be replaced too often. Items like pencils should be replaced as needed, while fixtures like desks and chairs will last you many years if you show the proper care to them.

No matter what tasks you are trying to take on in the world of drafting, the right tools make a world of difference. When you’re ready to invest in some new drafting supplies, take a moment to look over your options at Engineer Supply and find exactly what you need for your next gig.
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