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Large Format Copy Paper, Blueprint Paper, Drafting Paper Explained

EngineerSupply carries an extensive line of large format printing paper for use in corporate offices, engineering businesses, architectural companies, high schools, colleges, universities, commercial environments and any one who needs to print large documents. With many different models and styles available EngineerSupply is sure to meets your needs, with professional grade paper for plotters, Blueline machines and any large format printers. Please see below for a brief explanation and comparison of some of the different papers we sell and what makes them uniquely suited to meet your business needs. For more information on any of the information below please feel free to browse our webstore or call us directly!

Blue-Line Diazo Paper
Blue-Line Diazo paper is specialty paper used to make blueprints in a Diazo Blueline machine. It uses chemicals to make a copy of a particular blueprint by feeding it through the blueprint machine. Slower speed papers usually yield sharper, denser images

Engineering Copier Paper
Dietzgen Laser Media paper products are designed to work with many leading brands/manufacturers including Xerox, Hewitt Packard (HP plotter paper), Designjet paper, inkjet plotter paper, and many more. They are ideal for a vast number of situations including low volume to high output printing production needs.
Below are some further details into the types of larger format copier paper we carry.

Bond plotter paper is very common in engineering and architecture. It is known for being a sturdy, rugged, high quality printer paper. Our professional Grade Rolled Bond Paper is ideal for Laser Printers and Wide Format Copiers. Remember the large format printing machines we have listed under the different papers are only an example of the printers they will fit. Rolled bond copier paper is a great architecture and engineering paper for use in wide format printing.

Vellums are used to make high quality copies of blueprints. The vellum we carry is made from 100% cotton. It is an excellent choice for presentation quality work and archiving. It is ideally suited for durable high-volume prints and blue-line reproduction masters.

Translucent Bonds
Translucent Bonds are an economical alternative to vellum for blue-line copies and overlays. They are not design for achievable blueprint reproductions (you will need vellums for producing archive blueprints). Remember the large format printing machines we have listed under the different papers are only an example of the printers they will fit.

InkJet Plotter Paper
Large format paper designed to meet the needs of architects, engineers, contractors and blueprinters who use Computer Aided Design (CAD plotter) applications and wide format ink jet printers. We offer Un-Coated, Coated Ink Jet Bonds, and Translucent Bonds Vellums and Films, all appropriately sized for ink jet printing.

What is my Core Size and what does it mean?
Remember, on our website, when you see a list of recommend large format printer machines compatible with the plotter paper roll you are view, it is only a partial list. As long as the core size matches your printer machine it should be compatible. Generally a 2" core size is for inkjet applications and a 3" is for xerographic applications.
If you don’t know what the core size of your paper is. Measure the core roll opening for your paper from end to end on. This is the core size for your rolled large format printing paper.

Do I need to purchase engineering paper that is Taped or Untaped?
On a taped roll, the paper is secured to the core with a piece of tape, whereas, on an untaped roll the paper is not secured to the core. A taped verse untaped roll of plotter paper is an important concern. Your plotter printer machine should indicated what type of plotter paper you need you will need. But follow these guidelines below if you are unsure what type you need.

With some wide format printer machines; this tape signals to the machine that the roll is empty. Do not use a taped roll in a machine that was not designed for it because it could cause a great deal of damage to your wide format printer. However, an untaped roll can be used in a machine that is designed to use a taped roll. (At the very worse, your machine will keep printing images even after the roll has run out.). For general reference: Xerox Engineering Systems machines typically require "Taped to Core", all other machines should use the "Not Taped". In summary, if you are unsure if you need a taped or untapped roll, and are unable to find out which type of paper you printer needs. Purchase an untapped roll, that way, no damage will be done to your machine

EngineerSupply has trained customer service representatives. If you are unsure what type paper you need or need to know if the paper you have selected is compatible with your machine, please contact us and we will be able to assist you in selecting the correct paper to fulfill plotter supplies need. If you need help selecting plotter paper sizes, please see our article.

For more information on how to store and protect your blueprints please see our extensive line of blueprint storage solutions.

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